.KNOC – Small Gang PvP – Recruiting New and Returning Players!

Knights of Cerberus Redux is a PvP focused corp based out of low sec.

We are a small tight knit corp, based out of the Essence region that is looking to expand our numbers and activity for more fun!

What we offer:

  • Regular fleets with a range of ship sizes – from frigate to capital!
  • PvP training, including how to use capitals.
  • SRP on alliance ops
  • Access to industry with the alliance we are in
  • Fast and free JF services to move stuff when needed
  • Casual, RL first approach. (let us know if you plan on being away for a long time)

What we need from you:

  • Age of 18+
  • PvP focused who understand how the game works.
  • Voice comms with a working mic (duh…)
  • 10 mil SP minimum with the ability to fly a CovOps combat ship
  • Independence (create content for yourself during slow times and not rely on others to make money all the time)
  • Willing to train into a capital or train a capital alt.

If you are interested join our public channel DOT KNOC or send a mail to a recruiter!

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Still recruiting! <3