Knights of Cerberus Redux - We are back and rebuilding!

We are a small, tight-knit group who are back to EvE Online after a break, and looking for more fun!

What we are looking for and expect:

  • We are looking for active pilots who want to have fun in small gang PvP anywhere we can find it, as well as a small amount of PvE to make the money back that we will eventually get blown up!
  • We understand that your time is your own and we will not have any requirements for fleets, but that won’t stop us from making plans and sending some friendly pings of course.
  • There are no SP requirements, but it will be nice to be able to fly at least cruisers both shield and armor fit.
  • You should be mature enough to be able to make jokes, but also know when to stop.

What we offer:

  • A friendly and chill place to do whatever you want to do in the game, although we will be living in Low Sec mostly.
  • A discord server that will have options for more players to get to know as we grow, as well as other games outside of EvE to avoid burnout.
  • Experienced leaders who have ran corporations and alliances, been FCs for some of the larger groups in the past, and overall knowledgeable and willing to teach, and learn next to you.

Join our channel “KNOC Recruit” or send a mail in game to me (agathon Aldurald) for more details on what we are about and how to join if you are interested!

If you get up to about 10 actual living, breathing people, contact me.

Ill give you a home and make you a part of our community out in Vale where we hold sov.

We are still open for recruitment.

@Kell_Idanian Thank you for your interest. Recruiting that many people will not be that hard, but at this time we are not interested in joining a null sec group.

We are still recruiting and building up!
Come check us out!

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We are still recruiting!

Still recruiting and growing!

Still open for recruiting!

We are still open for recruiting! :slight_smile:

Just like Dreddit :rofl:

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