Null Sec Ratting and PvP

Knights of Cerberus Redux is recruiting!

We are a small, tight-knit group of players that are part of the Warped Intentions Alliance and are looking to grow and expand once again.

The core members/ corp leadership have been playing EvE together for around a decade and have been in many small and large PvP engagements, ranging from frigate faction warfare, all the way to capital escalations and fights. We have a plan on growing once again and need pilots like you to do it! (PS… we are mostly USTZ)

What we offer

  • Active and experienced leadership

  • Citadels for us all to live in and grow

  • A relaxed environment where we work hard, play hard, and strongly believe that RL comes first.

  • Discord Server where we have other gaming options to avoid burnout or boredom

  • PvP focused agenda with the ability to make ISK

What we would like from you

  • Relaxed, but mature enough to know when enough is enough and listen to leadership

  • Discord and Mumble with a working mic (primary language is English)

  • Self-sustainability. We will have ISK making opportunities, but being able to take care of yourself is more important than the corporation wallet.

  • Basic PvP understanding or the ability to listen and learn without getting frustrated.

  • The ability to help teach newer pilots if asked. (this is more of a “don’t be a butt to newer pilots… If you want to help them you can, if not then kindly refer them to someone who can” kind of thing.)

  • Join fleets and help defend the space we live in with our alliance and blues.

If you would like to know more then ask one of our Recruiters in game [agathon Aldurald] [DietCrush Ayuka] or in Discord [@Agathon#7150] [@DietCrush#8368] or join our public channel in game [DOT KNOC]. (Please talk to a recruiter before you apply)

Talk to you soon!



ZKill (Corp):

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