The Knights of Cerberus Redux wants you!

Welcome to our boring ■■■■ show recruitment post!!

But seriously, we are looking to recruit more awesome people to join our EVE community. We are active and provide all the tools and knowledge for you to learn and grow into an amazing player. You want to learn pvp? We have ACTUAL EXPERIENCED pilots that know more strategies than, “just throw ships at it until we lose or it goes away.” You want to learn Indy? We have the tools and knowledge to get you building whatever you want.

This game is what you make of it, if you want to go hard, make lots of money, blow ships up and actually get better than you are today, we are worth 5 minutes of your time to get to know us.

Basic info about us:

  • We live in null in a giant blue block

  • We like to do all forms of PvP and PvE and Mining

What we expect from members:

  • We have a good attitude towards one another (We are a team that sticks together)
  • We are in coms with one another when out and about in game
  • We are there for one another when life goes to ■■■■
  • Some types of pvp take priority above all else (Like if a rorq is tackled or sov is being attacked) Otherwise, pvp is content to be enjoyed whenever we feel like it because that kind of pvp is fun.

Hopefully we were able to grab your attention and you are interested! If you would like to know more then ask one of our Recruiters in game by joining our public channel in game DOT KNOC.

Talk to you soon!



ZKill (Corp):

Still recruiting!

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