Knights of Cerberus Redux is recruiting!

We are a small, tight-knit group of players that is looking to grow and expand once again. The core members/ corp leadership have been playing EvE together for around a decade and have been in many small and large PvP engagements, ranging from frigate faction warfare, all the way to capital escalations and fights. We have a plan on growing once again and need pilots like you to do it! (PS… we are mostly USTZ)

What we offer:

  • Active and experienced leadership
  • Citadels for us all to live in and grow
  • A relaxed environment where we work hard, play hard, and strongly believe that RL comes first.
  • Discord Server where we have other gaming options to avoid burnout or boredom
  • PvP focused agenda with the ability to make ISK

What we would like from you:

  • Relaxed, but mature enough to know when enough is enough and listen to leadership
  • Discord and working mic (primary language is english)
  • Self-sustainability. We will have ISK making opportunities, but being able to take care of yourself is more important than the corporation wallet.
  • Basic PvP understanding or the ability to listen and learn without getting frustrated. (You will not be an F1 monkey)
  • The ability to help teach newer pilots if asked. (this is more of a “don’t be a butt to newer pilots… If you want to help them you can, if not then kindly refer them to someone who can” kind of thing.)

If you would like to know more then ask me in game, in Discord [Agathon#7150] (might be the best option), or join our public channel: [DOT KNOC]

Talk to you soon!


We flew with these guys along time ago, Agathons a very good FC with Blackops up his sleive.

The guys are good crack, very active and will have you crying with laughter in comms.

I couldnt recommend people to join these guys more, theyve got alot to give.

We will purple again one day dude!

Thank you @Sato_Kixx!

back to the top! :smiley:

Bump! back to the top!
we are on a roam right as i type this! 2 kills so far in frigs… :smiley:

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