KnockOut. is looking for Corporations


(4tt1c) #1

Hey there,

we, the KnockOut alliance, are searching for new corporations to join the alliance and single members for one of our 9 recruiting corporations. We are an allround alliance, living in Sansha’s null-sec. We are focused on PvE to generate ISK’s (large scale mining, ratting & industry), but also have fun with roaming fleets and other PvP actions.

We are looking for Corps/Members from all skill levels and all orientations:

  • Mining / Industry
  • Ratting / Escalations
  • Scanning / Exploring
  • PvP

We are mostly playing in EU timezone, but players from every timezone are welcome. The spoken languages in the alliance are English, German and Danish.
What KnockOut can offer to you:

  • Nice & helpfull members
  • Large scale mining operations with full skilled boosts
  • Moon mining
  • PvP action all day long (if you want)
  • No 50-jump-blue-donut
  • Everything-you-need-Infrastructure
  • Systems with lowest possible True-Sec
  • A large tradehub nearby
  • The safety of a dead-end-pocket
  • Free alliance ships for different needs
  • … and much more

If you are interested in joining our alliance or one of our corps, feel free to join KnockOut.Public Chat and leave a message, or write a mail to one of the named recruiters in this channel.

Always fly safe & o7

(4tt1c) #2

We are still recruiting

(4tt1c) #3

Recruitment still opened

(4tt1c) #4

Still recruiting

(4tt1c) #5

Recruitment still opened

(4tt1c) #6

Still recruiting

(4tt1c) #7

Still recruiting

(4tt1c) #8

We are still recruiting

(4tt1c) #9

We are still recruiting.

(Enrise Scarletina) #10

Do you take alpha ?

(4tt1c) #11

Yes we do =)