KnockOut is looking for new corporations

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Hey there,

the KnockOut alliance recruits new corporations to join the alliance and single members for one of our 9 recruiting corporations. We are an allround alliance, living in Sansha’s null-sec. We are focused on PvE to generate ISK’s (large scale mining, ratting & industry), but also have fun with roaming fleets and other PvP actions.

We are looking for Corps/Members of all skill levels and all orientations:

  • PvP
  • Mining / Industry
  • Ratting / Escalations
  • Scanning / Exploring

We are mostly playing in EU/US timezone, but players from every timezone are welcome. Members from all around the world are active in our alliance and you can become a part of our community if you are able to speak english a bit (on leadership level).

What KnockOut can offer to you:

  • Nice & helpfull members
  • PvP action all day long
  • Large scale mining operations with full skilled boosts
  • Moon mining
  • No 50-jump-blue-donut
  • Everything-you-need-Infrastructure
  • Alliancewide IT-Services for all needs
  • Systems with lowest possible True-Sec
  • A large tradehub nearby
  • The safety of a dead-end-pocket
  • Free alliance ships for different needs
  • … and much more

If you are interested in joining our alliance or one of our corps, feel free to join KnockOut.Public Chat and leave a message, or write a mail to one of the named recruiters in this channel.

Always fly safe & o7

70 plus Renter Corp looking to move
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Recruitement is still opened

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Recruitement still opened

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Recruitement still opened