-KOITEK- recruiting and looking for corps interested in Alliance

Hello, my name is Meridian Ytai, CEO of Koitek

We at Koitek are looking to expand our corporation; we are a new corporation looking for new and seasoned capsuleers of all careers.

We are also interested in building an alliance with new corporations or joining any alliances wanting to eventually claim null sec territory.

Message me if this sounds interesting.

Become part of the family today!


Hi Meridian, our Alliance is Xen Combine. I am in Xen Investments. We are currently mainly operating in high sec but do have eyes towards null sec down the line. We are looking for corps to join our alliance.
Please message me if you are interested. Thanks

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Hello D’ath I believe I sent you a message on the server. Let me know if you received it! We can discuss this opportunity further


Our Alliance just snagged two great pockets. If you would like to chat, join the Wormageddon discord at:


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