💥 Krypted Gaming - Small WH PvP Group

<3 ya vale!

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I started playing EVE about 2-3 years ago but never really got into it until recently (past week or so), I’ve enjoyed my progress through the “Epic” stuff, but I’m looking to get a bit more focused on the PvP side of things too, what are the requirements for joining your Corp?

I’ve managed to get myself a “fully kitted” destroyer class ship, I have no issue with currently fending off around 10 PvE ships at a time and coming out with 0% damage, I’m active most days but sometimes I’m unable to play (due to children).

P.S. Your logo is awesome. :slight_smile:

Hey @Kerrtarna_Charante

These are the main things we look out for. Generally new players have pretty poor retention in our corporation (well, and across EVE Online), but we’ve had some successes in the past.

This one time, bear asked me to come play in his hole, so i did then he touched me in a area that made his corp mates crazy, then he “blew” me up. The end!

Id be interested, I joined your discord. Lets chat

Nice, just shoot me a DM!