[-KURA] Kura Industries - Nullsec - EU+UStz

Attention, pilots. Kura Industries, a nullsec corp based out in Geminate, is recruiting!

A growing corp with a supportive core. We’re looking for pilots who’re eager to explore the vast possibilities of New Eden, from PvP brawls to lucrative PvE activities. Whether you’re debating a move out to a nullsec corp and want to try a different approach or actively looking for one, we could be a viable option for you to build up your experience and cultivate a way of piloting you’ve not yet experienced in highsec.

What We Offer:

  • Nullsec: Our system is upgraded for ratting and mining (+Ice), providing you with the best opportunities to earn ISK and gather resources. It’s not the quietest system but with that brings us fun PvP opportunities.
  • Regular Events: Weekly and monthly events for you to join if you’re free, including PvP fleets, mining ops, and wormhole excursions.
  • PvP-Industrialist Approach: While we engage in a variety of activities, there’s an expectation for members to be PvP-ready, engaging with roams and possess the ability to defend our space.
  • Experience: Our Core pilots have extensive nullsec and general game knowledge, we’re always ready to ensure that you have the guidance and support you need to fight, survive and thrive.
  • Supportive Infrastructure: Corp Jump-Freighter service (+ Shopping service), vast BPC library, null-industrial park, affordable contract ships and internal market.
  • Clear Vision for Growth: Join us on our journey from renting to becoming part of a sov-nullsec alliance, your involvement now will shape the future of our corporation.

What We Seek:

  • Entry Point: 10mil SP* - Full ESI on Main + Alts - A working Microphone.
  • Active Pilots: We are looking for members who enjoy logging in on a regular basis and who’re willing to participate in our fleets. We’re not expecting 100% involvement, real-life comes first. Fly with us when you can.
  • Willingness to Learn and Grow: Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new pilot, we’re looking for members who are eager to learn and improve alongside us on our Eve journey.

If you’re ready to embark with a corporation that values it’s community, your growth, and our adventures, Kura Industries has a place for you. Visit our Discord (Kura Industries) or join “K-Ind Public” channel in-game.


For absolute transparency; we currently rent a nullsec system. We appreciate the flack renting gets and for the most part; agree with the overall consensus. However, we’ve chosen to approach it differently. We’ve gone the route of cultivating experience and knowledge in order to grow together, with our future aims being to join a sov-nullsec-alliance (requirements pending). This way we’ll end up bringing a memberbase that can fight, survive and thrive in your sov-space.

Originally we were understandably too small a group to pass initial requirements of the majority of sov-alliances. Instead of letting this dissuade us from our goals we obtained access to something that would eventually see us build up our group so that we bring a far more established corp to the table.

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Midweek bump! Mining moons and chasing off neuts.

New player to EVE (44 days old) and new member to this corp (35 days). As a new player the corp has been extremely kind and helpful with helping me learn eve. Jumping straight into null sec can sound scary but it’s also technically safer than playing EVE by yourself in high/low sec. The corp helps me with many things that I’d have to skill into myself which saves me from spreading myself too thin. It’s nice being able to focus on the skills and content I want rather than having to do everything myself.

The other big thing is having a purpose to work towards. EVE does not hold your hand and tell you what you should do. This is a great thing long term but a hard thing to deal with once you’re past the eve tutorial/beginning tasks. You are a target everywhere you go when you are by yourself and joining a corp is a great way to help carve out a safe place for yourself. The corp only has a few minor rules but is mostly casual, we’re focused mostly on making lots of money while we have our rental system.

If you’re a new player yourself, all they ask is that you keep yourself open to learning and improving yourself as a player.

Kura is a great, casual, and helpful nullsec corp.

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Late night bump!

Friday night bump! Currently hunting in nullsec and mining belts in the system re reside in. Everyone relaxing on comms.