Kurniainen Secured By Capsuleer Forces

At around 06:46 NEST this morning, a join task force composed of the majority of the capsuleer groups operating as part of the 24th Imperial Crusade seized back control of the Kurniainen system. The system had been previously captured by forces of the Tribal Liberation Force on October 6th.

Spokesperson for the Amarr Navy were not available to comment but several officers spoke to the Dam-Torsad Times off the record. Consensus was that regaining controle of the 24th Imperial Crusade Logistics Support station in Kurniainen would help open supply lines for the forces currently on Floseswin IV.

Amarr loyalist capsuleer forces have been resurgent in activity in the last few weeks. In Floseswin, Imperial Crusade forces are working around the clock to secure space superiority in the face of determined Minmatar resistance. The tireless efforts of Paladin Ordinary Aldrith Shutaq Newelle of the Excubitoris chapter in particular have been frequently mentioned by sources within the Navy.


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