L4 Missions Profitable?

So, I was adviced by some guys on doing L4 missions, I love laser ships, but I wonder if its actually that profitable as an income, maybe can it hit like 70-100M ISK/h, any advice or any one who have tried it telling me his experience in ISK/h in it will be super appreciable :smiley:

nope… try 2-3x that, grind faction standings to 5+ and decline almost everything but the anomic missions, an artillery ship is great for blitzing dread pirate scarlet, and can do autocannons or missiles or pretty much anything for right hand of zazz, and damsel. this thread has a ton of fits and ideas for the burner missions. Burner Mission - Ship advice to solo them including fittings

if you just want fits these are my fits https://www.eveworkbench.com/u/chainsaw-plankton

and if you want videos https://www.youtube.com/c/HateLesSGaming/playlists


70-100m/hr is more reasonable for the high end of non-burner missions. blitz the blitzable missions, and have high dps+application for the ones you need dps for.

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It will be down to the missions you are doing the rats you are shooting and the fit you have as well as how you plan to do them.

You should be able to do around 50-70m give or take on the above and skills in game.

Yeah thanks alot guys, I just turned back alpha today and…discovered that alphas cant do L4 missions, and I actually got no ISK for plexing, so what bout L3 missions? Can they make 50M an hour with a blinged ship?

that’s probably roughly the ceiling with lv3s, the LP payouts are pretty bad.

tier 3 abyss sounds like it pays out about there too,

In the case of L3s some missions give more in loot+bounty than in LP value, typically those versus empire give a nice 3-4M tag.

  • Driving a Wedge - Delegation Destruction (2 of 2)
  • Downing The Slavers (2 of 2)
  • The Damsel In Distress
  • Retribution
  • Pick Your Poison

Are a few of those that can each break the 50M/h WITHOUT the loot, if you have a fast ship that can hit hard.
Depending on the system, your skills, your ship, etc. you can reach 100M/h. But it’s still a grind.

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So whats the best faction for doing missions for getting best lp/isk value? I heard SOE are best but wanna check out different thoughts

Im planning to use a Nightmare with 1200dps, with a fast warping ship in the frigate bay to go accept missions, maybe that can make much money, if the mission location is always same

SOE is easy mode. Somewhat stable isk/lp and always on demand, resulting with good market volume. But there are corps in hisec that have much higher isk/lp and with decent volume. Do your research. They have their value for a reason.

Yeah thats what I though

The thing is, there is not ONE best faction, because otherwise the faction crumble as it becomes overfarmed. SOE have good consistent isk/LP but definitely not the best.

At the moment, many agent for L3s have offer that reach 1.6 k isk/lp indexed, mostly for fed web, IN heat sink, IN membrane, fed magstab.

SOE is at most 1.2 k in Simela.

Note : I tried with two ships, a RHML barghest and a AC machariel, both fit with minimal tank(buffer : DC +extender) , projection, align, MWD, and damage. They had same completion time, though barghest is faster at killing one target and mach faster at killing several targets.

edit : the value I give are at sobo, that is the price to purchase the items directly (tags) from SO, and selling the items directly to BO, for 1M LP

Mission output is determined by: time taken to complete the missions and your ability to turn LPs into ISK. Blitzing missions is better than full clears, and you will need different ships to blitz different missions. At the bare minimum, you need assault frigs to complete the burners, a main battleship to run the non-burners, and a fast frigate to complete the milk runs. I can hit about 200m per hour depending on which missions I get. I decline all faction based missions so I don’t wreck my standings, and I have a Jita alt to offload the LPs.

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Just to make sure that people, who are new to mission running, understand that ‘100 mil/h’ , '200 mil /h ’ etc mil / h correctly: top elite mission runners who post this do not run those missions for hours. They wait till they can run few good missions and quickly do them. Like 5 missions in half of hour so they get 100 million ISK. They double that value in forums and they are right - 100 millions in half hour does mean 200 millions in an hour. But the truth is , that they have to grind their standings back the whole next week.
Consistent mission running without refusing any non-factional mission will give you about 60 millions per hour.

No, just no.

I can farm exactly 1H and make +100M in raw isk on each account. +100k LP. Or do that for 3H and get three times those values.

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Well I would say thats useless, grinding for 1 faction is much better than getting your big battleship and burners from a mission hub to an another, maybe just pick up a faction which will do good isk/lp and stay on that faction and let the other standing rot, am I wrong?

you don’t need to move your ships. You can move in a fast frigate from one base to another, providing you installed ships in each base.

I have … 7? bases with ships for each toon in every base, so I can farm the most profitable offers.

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Oh, but actually grinding standings back is just a pain in the ass, just do missions for 1 faction, maybe thats a way or maybe im mistaken about sth

You only lose very small standing with the faction(0.01 per refusal). Keep the storyline for when you are 5.1 or so, in order to not reduce your standing, and do the SOE epic to get your standings higher when you can.

Yeah working on it rn