L4 Missions

Yea I’ve had a long term goal of getting all my empire standings above 5 so I could run missions everywhere. I’ve achieved it through mostly the epic arcs. that being said re-running the gallente arc periodically could maybe offset it.

if you want the best throughput, and damage, and burn through missions, don’t consider the golem, but look at possibly getting a Typhoon fleet. If you have any other questions about mission running, you can ask the experts over at the USIA discord. Our best mission runner nets up to 300 M per hour

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300 mil per hour is a nice average. I may have to talk to this guy myself…haha. One thing about Eve is there is always something to learn!

Thats a good idea. I’ll give it a shot.

That is always interesting, however most of the times that I have seen people pull those kinds of number mission running, the amount of setup and effort is not an insignificant amount of work.

you’ll never make that on your own, not running missions… now, getting paid to run missions… thats where that money comes in to play http://discord.unitedstandings.org/ and come and chat with Archer or Imiarr about signing up…

Not a bad start! As you gain experience and SP you should be able to bump those numbers up. At some point having 2 ships in a mission becomes a waste and you are better off running 2 missions at the same time.

also look at your salvage numbers, currently they are almost the same as your total, with some small improvements to other things that salvage number is going to become lower than your average meaning it’s not worth taking time to stop and go back for wrecks.

imo the ideal setup is burner missions, using high faction standings to cherry pick only the best missions, that’s probably where the 300m/hr is coming from. I used to be able to do that, but haven’t done any tracked runs recently. but as far as I can tell should be pretty similar numbers +/- some for LP differences.

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I noticed the comment about enemies abound trashing Gallente standing, I wont be doing those missions then, I do not want to have to grind that standing up again from when i trashed it before.

I may look into the Typhoon Fleet, I was “saving” LP to get a Raven NI but may use the LP I am earning to get something else instead.

I’m still going to do my experiment on various scenarios though.

What about your average mission runner that doesn’t do burner missions. the few times ive tried those I die in a fire.

get a better corp. thukker are 2300 right now.

indeed, it’s not linear because the travel time is not changed.

No, this snapshot tells you that you did bad money on those missions. That’s all.

You only made 4 missions.
reward also varry a lot.

Part of being efficient is knowing which missions have which reward, which loot, for which completion time and to know if you should run it, or skip it.

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I cannot believe CCP has not changed Level 4 missions at all for such a long time. They are by far the most stagnant and boring type of gameplay (other than mining) that you can indulge into.

They changed a lot of missions recently.

It’s a means to an end, Personally I don’t like Incursions and not that i live in null but found havens and santums boring too

Sanctums/Havens might be boring but 450m/hour is not. Missions payout is thrash and should have been re-worked years ago.

even if it’s over 450 M/h ?

you could get paid to run missions.

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