Large Officer collection for sale

Contracts up to goldsnake for the unit dcu and legit salesgirl for the Tobias web

acepted ty

Have a few offers

  • Cormack’s Modified 500MN Microwarpdrive - 4.2b

  • Mizuro’s Modified Heavy Warp Disruptor - 2.1b

  • Mizuro’s Modified Stasis Webifier - 7b

  • Mizuro’s Modified Gyrostabilizer - 5.5b for all 3

21b and they are yours.

I would take 14b for the drac membranes to0be


  • Also I will look into more to buy :smiley:

In game offer for these items accepted.

Hey I saw you officer mod post and I am interested in the following officer mods.
Chelm’s Modified Adaptive Nano Plating 3 billion ISK
Cormack’s Modified Energized Explosive Membrane 6.5 Billion ISK
Cormack’s Modified 500MN Microwarpdrive 5 Billion ISK
Hakim’s Modified Heavy Warp Scrambler 5.5 Billion ISK
Mizuro’s Modified Gyrostabilizer X3 1.8 Billion ISK each
Mizuro’s Modified Stasis Webifier 7.5 Billion ISK
Selynne’s Modified Heavy Energy Neutralizer X2 750 zmillion ISK each
Tuvan’s Modified Sensor Booster 2.5 Billion ISK

Still lots for sale!

Still for sale and open to reasonable offers.

Buy my stuff!

Removed Sold items and bump

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14b for both - Contract to Pittsburgh2989

Contract up

Buy me loots!

If you accept 500m for the ECM and 750m for the TE contract them to me pls.

nice small collection :slight_smile:
850 plus officer modules here for a solo player :slight_smile:
good luck with the sales

both for 32 bil?

For 4 Bil?

Offer accepted. Contract up in a bit.

I don’t see a contract, or didn’t you mean my offer?

1.6b for the items u want.