Legion fitting (mis)calculation [SOLVED]

My question to other Legion user, about who is wrong - me or the game calculating stats for Legion.

Armor repair amount seems to be wrong when switching between ‘Covert reconfiguration’ and ‘Nanobot injector’. I use exactly the same low-slot modules and rig (everything the same which is armor and rep-rate relevant)!

With Covert it reps 504 ehp dps (=97.9 hp dps) and with Nanobot only 550 ehp dps (=106.8 hp dps). This is a difference of exactly 8.3 % (for both types of calculation).
The stats for Covert say +7,5% rep amount per level and the stats for Nanobot say +10% rep amount per level. At level V the difference should be 12.5%.
Why is it only 8.3%?

For everybody who believes that the modules will effect the difference, here my (armor relevant) fitting:
2x Med. auxiliary nano pump II
1x Med Anti-thermal pump II
2x Imperial navy EANM
1x Reactive armor hardener (active)
1x Corpum C-type med. armor repairer (active)

Any help welcome.

Your Med. auxiliary nano pump II will be stacking penalized. I haven’t done the math but the absolute value of the penalty should be greater for the Nanobot.

Wait shouldn’t that me more with the pumps?

I get 368 x 1.375 = 506 and 368 x 1.5 = 552 without the two pumps for a t2 rep. I don’t have the base rep amount of the c-type memorized.

However, I do remember my a-type rep on a Legion with the nanobot injector was about 800hp.

Thanks Do Little and elitatwo!

Problem solved: it was me not calculating correctly! The solution is in elitatow’s formula: the difference is not 37.5 to 50 it is 137.5 to 150 (and therefore it is not 12.5%, it is, correctly 8.3%).

Learning something new every day… :wink:

PS1: If the modules stack, they do it with each subsystem in the same way.

PS2: what remains is: for loosing a cloak, +8.3% rep amount feels … mean.

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