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need an advice regarding a Legion fit for C4 anomalies
i use Tier 12 Armor rep with full armor resist lows and still i get to hull on Frontier Barracks
i have noticed the Tengu shield Rep is double from my Legion armor reps why is that? i get 1k armor per 7 sec cycle while Tengu gets x2.5 times more at the same time i don’t want to fly Tengu i don’t like missiles that much and ammo supply is a pain…

any advice would be appriciated

Thank you


“Why is Tengu so OP vs. Legion?? WWHHHYYYYYY?!?!? :sob:

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might want to compare the rest of the fits. Just one attribute means little.

If the legion has higher resists it might tank more even though it reps less. Or it might be much cheaper, if the tengu is using say a gist x-large booster and faction invluns, well that gets expensive fast. Also what kind of damage does each fit do? And lastly what kind of utility can each ship fit?

here are the stats:

EM: Thermal: Kinetic: Eplosive:
76 84 86 81

32k EHP
140 Hp/s
170m Sig

btw i get hit by the upholder full damage regardless of my signature its like im in a battleship… arount 1k per hit for each upholder

From an ISK/HR standpoint, C4 sites arent worth it.
Even if you are in a group, you are much better off just running C3 sites for better ISK/HR.

I am unsure of what kind of ISK/HR you are getting currently just skirting by these C4 sites, but C3s are around 150m+/hr with sites avaliable.
Easily run through them with loki, legion, tengu, rattle, idk about proteus.

DPS/soloing aside, the spawns on C4s from what I am told burns into a lot of your ISK/HR as well, not to mention the poor ISK/EHP ratio C4 sites have, for the increased difficulty from C3s.

If you are looking for some more information PM me ingame @ Joey Aele.

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+1, C4s are bad for pretty much anything other than a paladin (thanks MJD and great range) and in most cases you are better off doing C3 or C5 sites.

The sites have a lot of RR relative to the Isk Payout and the waves are often 100+ KM away from each other which for most ships means a lot of burning or waiting for stuff to get into range. For T3 the DPS would barely break the tank of a command post / barracks so that would compound the issue.

I flew with a few people a couple of years back that used the Passive snake for C4 sites and the site time was something like 45 minutes, making at the time (salvage was better) about 160/h (I used a paladin and made about 300-400/h) . Now I run an Active Snake in C3s from time to time and I get 8-10 minutes sites 280/h and a corp mate uses a tengu and his site times are about 1-2 minutes worst so still better than a snake (let alone aT3) in a C4.

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Here is my fitting advice for your legion in a class 4 wormhole:

Warp to the whole you came from and leave. No legion fit will be able to run the anomalies.

Never say never. Maybe some strange Spider tank Legion web :slight_smile:

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useless reply if you don’t have anything useful to say don’t answer at all ty

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