Legit Salesgirl Market (Prometheus Fortizar)

Welcome to Legit Salesgirl Market selling and buying all kind of stuff msg me with Offers!

  • 2 x Prometheus Fortizars for sale 18.5b each Jita 4-4

Around Lowsec for Sale:

  • 2 x Vehement

  • 1 x Ragnarok

  • 2 x Nyx

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confirming she is legit salesgirl…

Sounds naughty


Still Available :wink:

Make Bhaalgorn great again!

still available

9 left

Still available

Still Available

still available

Still available price lowerd

525m lowest in contracts now

New Items Added

I’ll swap your fort for a loggo bpc

Still Available

Still Available

Abyssal Shield Booster Added

Loggerhead now for sale

give me ur loggerhead on sisi so i can warlord plz

how about you buy it now on tq and then copypaste it on sisi :wink: