Wts horizon fortizar and ragnarok 7/12 bpo

i am looking to sell a horizon fortizar and a ragnarok bpo 7/12.
both currently located in jita 4 4.
50b buyout for the fortizar, and 65b for the ragnarok bpo
feel free to dm through discord Garuda#9798


both still available

atill available

The deal price for Horizon is only 40B in Jita. I’m interested but I guess you are not going to sell it in 40B

thank you for your concern, but last week i got an offer of 45b for the fortizar.
and another bump.

bump. both still available

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both still available

offer 40B for the fortizar

47b and its yours

ill take it

bump. horizon fort contract waiting to be accepted.

bump. horizon fort and bpo still available

Would u be intrested in a trade of some type for the fort ?

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