WTB 'Horizon' Fortizar

WTB ‘Horizon’ Fortizar.

It needs to be unanchored and in a station that is accessible.

If you are the person that has one for sale in Jita, please contact me to negotiate the price.

I’ll pay a finder’s fee if you locate one for me that is not already on the market.

Reply to this post or eve-mail in-game.

Thank you



bumpin for a pumpkin

I forgot to bump this post. Derp.

What is youd budget?

I don’t have a hard number in mind. Do you have one?

Hi again. I answered your question but didn’t hear back from you. Do you have one of these for sale?

I am still buying these if any serious sellers are interested. Please message me in-game. Thanks!

Mailed you twice on a different. I have 2 horizons - present an offer or trade

As you stated, you mailed me on different accounts. How do I know which is you and which is someone else?

I am being asked by multiple toons to make an offer on multiple structures.

I’m not going to name a price. I’m not desperate to buy and will probably sit on them for several years before eventually selling them again.

When you decide how much you want for them, I’ll be happy to respond. But I’m not going to name a price for you.

I look foward to your offer.

But I would take both of them if you want a package deal.

I’m still interested in buying these. I am a legitimate buyer.

Please state your asking price if you want me to take you serious.

Bump for serious sellers. Thanks!

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