🇺🇸 Let them hate! Cretus Incendium recruiting veterans for Lowsec FW & Hisec PvP

Cretus Incendium is a primarily US-based PvP corporation founded by Sov Null vets who wanted something more fun than F1, TiDi and getting bitched at over alarm clock CTAs. Craving the freedom to fly our own paths and pick our own fights, we went on a journey through various lowsec neighborhoods doing just that - and now we’re ready to grow again!

  • Stability and Continuity
  • Experienced FCs
  • Corp ship handouts available for certain activities
  • Small Gang & Microgang Lowsec PvP
  • Structure Fights in both Highsec and Lowsec
  • Highsec Fleet PvP in our frequent wars
  • Target-Rich Environment*
  • Fast and Easy CONCORD LP -> ISK
  • CorpLogistics available
  • Alt Corporation to safely house industry & hauler alts safe from Alliance wardecs while being able to access corp & friendly structures for industry activities**
  • Discord

[CRETU] is a PvP corporation first and foremost so we’re looking for active, experienced, self-sufficient pilots who want to do the things we’re doing - dunking on nerds in small gang Lowsec PvP and medium/large highsec and lowsec fleet fights and making ISK fighting off Triglavians. As a member of [CRETU], you’ll base in our staging system on the edge of the Minmatar-Amarr warzone (conveniently located just a few jumps from the Rens trade hub and Mother Amamake) and have a ton of fun with us blowing ■■■■ up! [CRETU] is an inclusive corporation, and no bigotry of any kind is tolerated.

[CRETU] doesn’t have an arbitrary SP requirement, but we do have basic competency requirements - we aren’t looking for newbies or F1 monkeys here. These are the basic competencies we expect and require from every prospective member:

  • You have a positive attitude (i.e., not an asshole)
  • You are self-sufficient
  • You are reasonably active (RL comes first, always)
  • You maintain a Security Status of -1.99 or better (and if not, be willing to fix it quickly with tags to participate in highsec pvp wardecs when needed)
  • You have a working headset w/mic and don’t offer up a thousand excuses for why you can’t ever jump on comms
  • You enjoy Eve PvP and are active without needing your hand held just to undock and have fun
  • You have at least one Small, Medium and Large T2 weapon system
  • You have at least one racial Frigate, Destroyer and Cruiser Level 5
  • You have at least one racial Battlecruiser and Battleship Level 4
  • You are able to use E-War Drones & Light, Medium and Heavy T2 Drones
  • You are willing to train into new doctrines as [CRETU] adapts to Eve’s ever-shifting meta
  • A Full ESI check will be conducted before an invitation to join [CRETU] is extended to you

The following attributes aren’t requirements per se, but we’re selective about who we recruit and having any of these certainly won’t hurt your chances:

  • Solo and small/microgang experience
  • Scouting experience with solid D-scan proficiency
  • Logi Cruiser 5
  • Recon 5
  • Cynosural Field Theory 5
  • Useful Alt (i.e., covops/prober, capital alt, Logi 5 alt, etc.)
  • Combat-ready capital ship on main or alt
  • FC experience in any capacity
  • Solid probe scanning proficiency

For any questions, contact:
Azazel Drakonis

Public Channel: Cretus Recruitment

Cretus Incendium Killboard
Don’t Stop Fighting - Thebeka (YouTube)
The Liberation of Floseswin (YouTube)

* [CRETU] is not an industrial corporation by any means and we do not offer any sort of organized industry/mining operations. We do, however, have Science & Manufacturing infrastructure supportive of members who use industry alts to generate ISK for themselves as well as access to local mining activities, decent ores and low refining taxes at the numerous local friendly Athanors.

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Still looking for quality pilots to join us in our LS/FW shenanigans.

You’ve come back to find your old corp and alliance have folded? That’s okay, you can join [CRETU]!

Plus one, need more, let’s gooooooo

Still looking! Where my USTZ lowsec/FW gangstas at?

With Trigvasion Chapter 3 about to launch, we’ve left FW to focus on the new content (both PvP and PvE) promised by the new Invasion mechanics (system security status fluctuation has the potential to be huge!) Come join us in fighting off the triangle threat and dunking on whatever nerds make targets of themselves as Republic highsec systems become lowsec systems and cynosural jammers get taken out!

Bump–still looking for more pilots!

Where’s muh nerds, let’s go!

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