Seeking small/micro gang PVP // Corp

Returning player. Been solo pvping since May. I’m pretty bored of it. But me: I tend to fly unusual stuff, take fights that most wouldn’t, and win some that I shouldn’t. Right now I’m mostly in t1 frigates.

I’m really more of a support/utility player though. Ideally I’d be with 1-3 other active players, who want to work together—find and take lots of fights, experiment, and have fun. So: Moving around a lot, maybe nomadic, and probably have some logistical support for fast reships! (It’s what I like, anyways.) Lowsec/WH? Some null?

My main is around 36m SP. frigate to cruiser racials are solid. Logi/ewar/tackle is solid. I don’t usually fly cruiser or bigger DPS, but I can probably bring something better anyways.


Hey Squidical,

We could be a good fit for you, After years of playing I decided to start my own corp. I dont like playing in big blobs or solo. For me small gang is the best. We are a member of the roughnecks alliance which is not too big. we have good activity while keeping the fleets small.

check out our corp add and see if you like it.

Hey mate, you sound like you might be a good match for what we’re doing right now. Hit us up for a chat

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