Returning player looking for a solo/micro/small gang pvp corp (EU)

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Hey, I Just started playing again today after being away several years and I’m looking for a corp that does solo/micro/small gang pvp. Character is Omega and has 64m sp, can fly pretty much everything up to Battleships.

I have 0 interest in large scale pvp or any type CTA, also no interest in massive corps/alliances with loads of blues.

Pretty much all of my friends that I used to play with quit, so here i am looking for new ones.

(SSjGhost) #2

Hey man o7

We are a small group of pretty chilled out guys looking to expand.

We live in w C2 WH and have actually just recruited a similar guy that has 100M SP and returned after 4 years.
Happy to go through the steps with you and all that jazz but in the mean time, here is our Corp advert: C2 WH Corp looking to expand - PVP/Indy/Explore but that only really gives you a high level.

Ping me a PM in game and Ill set up a chat (typing sucks) and explain a bit about what we are, you can tell me what you want and see if (as the Spice Girls so beautifully put it) “Two become One” :slight_smile:

If not, Good Luck!


(Midein) #3

Welcome back o7

Drunkendis Order is looking for more EU guys to live in our c4 with 2 content statics. We got quite a bit of experienced pilots who enjoy small gang pvp

Come blow stuff with us

(keacte) #4

Hey Klown,

How about small / micro gang pvp in nullsec with Agony Unleashed! - how does that sound?

I think you would be a great fit!

If you are interested - hop on discord and chat to a recruiter today!

Recruiting in EU and US east and West.

(Alduin DragonBorn) #5

Hey there,

Check out Aggressive Asset Relocation. We are a low-sec corp based out of Kinakka, one of the most active areas for pvp in Eve. Our corp policy is temp-blues only so we pretty much shoot everyone.

We are fairly active. Our corp is always in the top 3 of monthly kills in Black Rise. We are primarily Eu/Na timezones. We have a dedicated discord and website. Message me in game if interested.


(Klown Walk) #6

Had some decent roams today and yesterday

Still looking for a corp.

(Su Zuki) #7


Horse killers corp could be the place for you, we are laid back and experienced.

Join public channel or PM me in game.

(Hakisho Yomatisu) #8

hey man. I’m a recruiter for a small pirate corp known as the Krieg 7th Brigade. come chat sometime and i can see if we have what you are looking for.

(Mr Glaser) #9

Hello @Klown_Walk ,

Welcome back to the game we hate to love so much. We are always looking to get experienced players that enjoy playing together. We rarely have a blue situation and even if we do it is usually under ‘Frenemies’ WH standards.

If you get a chance come check us out…

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC -Jump to be Known!

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Not bad but…mine is better : )

(Mr Glaser) #11

Nice toot of the old horn and a free bump for his post. :star_struck:

(Klown Walk) #12

Last bump.

(JuuR Zibaoo) #13

hi there … we are a small corp … some of us do solo or up to 3 or 4 guys pvp next to other stuff like indy, explorations, missions … up to you to enjoy such stuff or not

join our public channel if you wish to get more infos


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