LF HS Corp 100M+SP for Edencom

About me…

  • Can fly most ships
  • Like running missions in a group
  • Like just doing group stuff, some light PvP roams, running protection for weird mining ops
  • Don’t mind the occasional mining op, solid boost if needed
  • Have coms ability


  • A corp with active US time zone members (like 10-15 people online US evenings)
  • Corp size over 100 members
  • Casual environment ( RL First )
  • People who want to work together
  • Eve events … running together

A little more about me:
An old eve player who likes to work with people instead of just chain running missions by them self over and over. I also love scanning and running combat sites, and am looking for people to kill triclaves with a group. I do like where I am, but they are not lining up with what I want out of the game these days.

Hope to hear for some solid corps with like minded individuals!!

For the rest of you; fly safe!

Please message me in game or here in the forms.



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