LF HS Indy corp

Looking to diversify investments and setup more passive income sources, so looking for an already established corp/alliance with an established T2 BPO collection.
No production experience so far, but a large amount of capital so will be injecting multiple toons into focused production.
Thanks in advance.

We are not a HS Corporation but heavy PVP NullSec group with very strong Industry Department - being in heavy pvp Corporation/Alliance gives you the best opportunity to sell your products.

Building from T2 BPOs is not really a thing as it is not efficient - but come and chat with us, we have a very competent Industrialist in our group willing to help/guide/teach.

We are big T2 products supplier.

Look for War Eagle Fleet

o7 Velora

If you haven’t found a home yet OGUN might be it!

OGUN Industrial is a new corporation looking for members. We may be small in number now but leadership has 10+ years experience in making internet spaceships and making internet spaces go boom.

We currently reside in Highsec. Industry and PvE content are our main focus at the moment but getting more into small gang PvP is our next goal.

We are accepting pilots of all skill levels. We currently have a make up of bitter vet and fresh faces meaning no matter the skill level you can find something to fly with. We enjoy teaching the game, so brand new pilots are more than welcome and we will make sure you get up to speed and have the tools to succeed in New Eden.

The corp offers group mining and small gang fleets, community events, free ships for new players and free ships for Corp related tasks/events. Outside of game we offer a discord and a growing community that plays several other games together.

Applications are open and you can contact me in game at Chakasu Sorrowsong.

Fly safe and hope to see you soon.

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