LF Laid Back WH Corp / WH PvP/PvE


I’ve been playing for about 2 years but only 6 months actively. Seem to be spending most of my time in WHs. At the moment I enjoy exploration and hunting other explorers but I’d like to get a little more experience in larger ships. I’m only 20m sp and can currently fly up to cruisers (Gila / Cerberus / Tengu (just training subs)) and have only trained shield and missile skills. I’ve pretty much pushed as much as I can into the Astero :smiley:

If you don’t mind my lack of experience and you’re active in EU, give me a shout. Not really bothered if you aren’t based in a WH either, as long as your corp spends most of its time in them.


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Hello Kesslan, I will also mail you ingame just to be sure you get my message :slight_smile:

Im from a corp called DippedTeriyaki in the Shattered foundations alliance and we are looking for Caldari specialists to join our eu/uk tz based corp.
We do not mind a lack of experience after all learning is part of the fun of eve and we may be able to give you some pointers too.
We live in a class 2 wormhole with static exits to highsec and class 3 space.
We are quite chill and generally combat orientated though mostly we basically expect folks to look after themselves and help each other where possible; the alliance runs one or two pre-planned group ops that people can join in on if they choose.

Fy safe o7



Hey mate, check out DKVC - we’re a global 24/7 with a big EU, US and rapidly growing AUTZ player base. We’re mainly looking for US WEST or AUTZ players but if you play early EU time you should be fine! We’re looking for players active around 0700 - 1300 eve time. Check Banjo Fight Club in game chat and our zkillboard to see what we get up to. Cheers

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