LF Low Sec/WH PVP Corporation

Returning from a year off and not looking to go back to null. I used to live in Low Sec and am familiar with it and am looking for an active Corporation that will take me in and be cool with 1-2 solid nights a week of activity from me.

Willing to venture back into WHs as well.

I work nights and am active most from 8p-6a US EST
So a Corp that’s active late US is preferable; even Australian TZs as well.

About me:

  • Have played off and on from 2004 to now

  • Was most active 2012-2014 and haven’t found the right group since. (Hoping to change that)

  • I have multiple characters:
    100m main
    95m sp capital/industrial
    Many other characters with 10-50m sp with various capabilities.

  • I’m self sufficient with isk but wouldn’t mind opportunities to mine and build for the corporation/alliance as well.

Bump, still looking for a new home.

down under syndrome is low-sec and AUSTZ

Check out Hyper Pivot. Fresh LS/WH PvP Corp.

We have quite a few PST players.

hey you would likely be perfect for the TZs that we typically play in. if your still looking hop into our discord and lets have a talk https://discord.gg/zCZrxRddKm

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