[LFG] Invasion Tournament Series Amsterdam

(CCP Dopamine) #1


The sign-ups for the 2v2 Invasion Tournament in Amsterdam are open and you can now secure your slot. For those willing to participate that don’t have a buddy, but prefer to join as a team - feel free to use this thread to search for other talented pilots out there.

Alternatively, please remember that you can always submit an individual application that will pair you randomly with another person or place you on the Waiting List.

If you would like to discuss other matters about the tournament, please join the conversation in the official thread.

(Kipsley Caton) #2

44,909,470 SP pilot looking to be a wingman. As a miner in Eve I am all about defence and tactical analysis, with shield skills almost maxed out. Currently skilling up gunnery skills with a view to competing as a real contender in the Eve Alliance Tournaments.

I fly a very old passive tank Rattlesnake that is well proven in PvE Level 4 Missions.

My only PvP kill was against a Tristan, but i was in a Mack at the time and in Low Sec space. Bragging rights right there.

CODE taught me everything I know, and it’s been a very long time since CODE has had me in their gun-sights as I’m just too fast and too evasive now.

So if you want a tactically minded wingman who will listen, give it her all, and REALLY go in hard for you, stay on your wing, and back you up, them I’m your girl.

Australian timezone and I do work full-time, but I can take time off from work to make this happen.

Drop me an eve-mail if interested.


(Ezio Dicostanzo) #3

whats the date limit to sign up ?

(CCP Dopamine) #5

The sign up page will close 3 days before the event.

(Janjan Jansen) #6

Did you find a partner yet? If not im willing to team up

(Insidious Sainthood) #7

105mil sp PvP only toon looking to be a wingman! Need a plane ticket to Amsterdam though

(Zen Tsai) #8

How much is that ticket exactly?

(sin Alarma) #9

Looking for a wingman. Small Gang / Solo / Nano PvPer.

Call me maybe.

(Zam Slam) #11

Still looking for a partner?
I’ll reach out in game as well

(raging walrus) #12

Experienced pvper looking for teammate, experience with solo pvp and decent abyssal pvp record, Dutch national.

Looking for similarly decent bloke

(Alan Artemisa) #13

At what time will the signups close exactly? Because if everything goes right I’ll get my Evesterdam ticket tomorrow during the day and I’d like to be able to sign up in time to participate.

(Alan Artemisa) #14

If you’re still looking for a teammate I’d love to join forces! Got small-medium gang experience and flew in the AT last summer. I’m still terrible though vOv

(CCP Dopamine) #15

We will be accepting submissions until Wednesday, 23:59 UTC. Any forms send after that time will not be taken into consideration for the tournament.

(Alan Artemisa) #16

Great, thank you!

Another question; when trying to fill out an application on the google form it said that the team name cannot be longer than 16 characters, even though the person I’d like to fly with has registered under a longer teamname than that. How can we resolve this?

(CCP Dopamine) #17

In these situation we will be working with the players to have the names shortened or ask to provide another one :slight_smile: This limit is purely so that we can actually fit the team names into our tournament assets.

(Alan Artemisa) #18

Cool, I’ll sign up with our shortened teamname then!

(CCP Dopamine) #19

Sign-up period for the tournament at EVEsterdam is over now. Closing the topic.

(CCP Dopamine) closed #20