Devblog: Invasion Tournament Series

Check out this dev blog for more information about the Invasion Tournament Series!

Read all about it here!


should be interesting :eyes:

The important parts:-

Brave Capsuleers who decide to take on this challenge will be fighting for more than just the title, PLEX and bragging rights. Every winning team from all seven locations will be invited for a paid trip to CCP’s home in Reykjavik to showcase their prowess in battle and compete against each other at EVE Fanfest 2020!

For those of you who cannot directly participate in the competition, we have prepared a Prediction Bracket Challenge. This little contest will let everyone submit their predictions for a chance to win one of five prizes consisting of swag and codes for digital items in EVE Online.

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Wtf ccp…

You want to find out whos the better players, yet you eliminate the opportunity for them to use the functionality that is instrumental to making them better than majority of players in the game.


As a three times alliance tournament player, I have to agree with this. Hotkeys are part of my muscle memory at this point and I doubt my performance would be great without them. This might just be a deal breaker for me.


Not to mention that the default overview is terrible for anyone with ocd…

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AT died for this ■■■■


Also, why is the Finnish fanfest (fanfest at home, which was supposed to have a proper fanfest status) not have its own qualifier?

Practicalities of running a tournament on-site with time restraints call for some compromises. If everyone messes with the client and changes things to their liking there will be trouble :slight_smile:


Fanfest Home has an extremely limited number of attendees that can join this exclusive party. Since there are no tickets to buy, you could have won the ‘tournament’ just by being at Fanfest Home. This is not what we want.


so it isn’t a fanfest, check

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I don’t see how this would be a hindrance to anyone but the given user who has to setup hotkeys within the 10 minute preptime.

There are tools out there that can literally reset the settings to default in <1minute

Or if you are just using the actual games default setting, how hard would it be to just delete to config so it resets itself automatically like it already does?..

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dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb…

It’s not 10 minute prep time, it’s 10 minutes for each match total, including set up. But good points regardless, we can look into precise implementation.


I must have missread the timing on things then and I appologize for that.

Am happy you thing its something that should be looked into.

Another option could be to allow all signups pre register a config / overview minimum 24hrs before the tournament.

Then on tournament day, tournament managers have a usb key with all the respective configs in respective folders (to keep them seperate :slight_smile: ).

so just between matches just apply the given config taking like <5minutes to copy paste and then everyone gets to play the game with their prefered settings.

The big reason why I want this is that I know several Tournament veterans, and rather famous players whom are literally not gonna bother with this tournament if they cannot use their general settings & hotkeys.

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For the player run tournaments will you be allowing access to thunderdome and the tournament tools ?

I totally agree, the DEFAULT configs in the client are not suitable for performance PVP. Plus the shortcuts are MUST HAVE in this format

When your ability to win relies on factors that aren’t you, then you’re not a winner…


@CCP_Guard @CCP_Falcon @CCP_Dopamine

just one question … sorry this is a unclear point to me:

need to bring my own PC/Notebook and rest the settings to default
you have PCs/Notebooks players login and play with the default settings

thanks and cool idea!!


Yes I too want all professional runners using swimming flippers to all be equally handicapped

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