[LFM] Invasion Tournament Series - EVE North



The sign-ups for the EVE North 2v2 Invasion Tournament in Toronto, Canada are open and you can now secure one of the 32 available slots. As always, use this thread to find a partner if you would like to sign up as a team.

Alternatively, please remember that you can always submit an individual application that will pair you randomly with another person or place you on the Waiting List.

If you would like to discuss other matters about the tournament, please join the conversation in the official thread .

Good luck!



Veteran n00b here. Come fly with me…?

Hey mate, so am I! i am a 10 year old noob with 140m sp, wanna team up?

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Let’s do this! Our competition will rue the day our fates merged!!!

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Is there any way to sign up late? I had the form filled out and forgot to submit!