[Licence To Roam] NPC 0.0 Alliance recruiting corporations and members

Licence To Roam is a lowsec/NPC null based PvP alliance that is made up of three established corps with history in both low and nullsec space combat. We’ve gone back to our roots and our looking to recruit players in both the EU and US timezones. We’re looking to recruit at least one active corp in each timezone to help bolster our roster of active PvP pilots. This will allow us to take bigger and better risks and find those dank fights.

We like to run all kinds of fleets (from gatecamps to capital drops to fun roams) and we have FCs who have run fleets for alliances such as RAZOR, MC, NC and more in the past. We like to take as many fights as we can and we are always trying to find ways to improve our individual piloting and group cohesion.

We’re currently set up in 6NJ8-V and we have daily content available. We have access to burner missions, ice and moons and constant harassment content in the north.


Ideally you’ll have around 10-15m SP. We’re open to players with less, but we like to make our doctrines as effective as possible with lower numbers, so the more SP you have the better off you’ll find yourself.

Being able to fly most (if not all) of our doctrines will make your application far easier to process.

Current Doctrines:
Blops (bombers and battleships)
Capitals (Not requirements but having a good assortment of cap pilots is great, right?)

We also have assorted lowsec doctrines but they’re currently not in main staging.

If you’re interested, drop me an EVE mail in game or hit us up in our public channel: Licenced Pub

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Lot of experience in this group of pilots. Never a dull moment.

Join the public channel!

Tired of the coalitions, blobs and blues? So are we! Pop into our public channel if you want to have a chat!

Miss you guys <3

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