[Lifeblood] Changes to The Agency user interface


Hey folks,

With the Lifeblood expansion Team Psycho Sisters are bringing a change to The Agency user interface.

The Agency will go from being a container for live events to be a container where you can find a variety of content in New Eden.

The content included in the initial release will be the following:

  • Events (The previous Agency)
  • Agents
  • Resource Wars
  • Asteroid Belts
  • Epic Arc Agents
  • Signatures and Anomalies

Content that will not be included in the initial release:

  • Incursions
  • Landmarks
  • Factional Warfare
  • Escalations from exploration sites

The goal behind the change is to allow players new and old discover content they can take part in from their current system to x amount of jumps away. In discovering the content they should also be able to learn what kind of rewards or content is possible in the sites.

This is now live on Singularity. You can open it either from the Neocom button or the shortcut ALT-M.

If you find any bugs then please submit them from within the client using the F12 menu. If you are unsure what we are looking for in a bug report you can
read more here - https://community.eveonline.com/support/test-servers/bug-reporting/

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback,
Team Psycho Sisters


When will this be on SISI?

It already is, will update the post to mention that :slight_smile:


Oh neat, we get to see agents as well? That looks handy


Is it intentional it is missing Incursions right now?


We need a way to sort: Range, level etc. (This is like a standard request from us when you all give us new stuff.)

UI takes up a lot of space. It is bulky. We are already fighting for UI real-estate from the other 10k windows in EVE, and it seems like every new window that has come out of late wants us all to be using 60 inch 4k monitors so we can see everything.

In the Content type: Resource Wars shows up twice.

Not a bad start. Needs a lot of polish still.

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errrr in the OP

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Oh cool, saves me uploading screenshot :slightly_smiling_face:

Before I begin, this is from Linux user perspective, so things might not be as intended. Judging from posted screenshot though it does look identical.

  1. List coloumn is colossal waste of space. I get the need for stuff to look pretty but the way it looks now adds nothing to that. Individual entry could easily be 50% of current size, specially as width isn’t adjustable. If you expect certain entries to require more text that could be solved with Expand button.
  2. So ok, wouldn’t mind agents to be included if selection were checkbox group and not dropdown with just one category to choose. In any case, it should be checkbox group.
  3. Icons on map, again, way too big. There is a slight position offset when multiple sites are shown but not nearly enough. And top marker blocks all beneath it. So, smaller icons, bigger offset … I dread to open this on character with three factions’ standing of 8+.
  4. Details … pretty. And waste of space. You could allocate right third of details portion to some cool animation like showing agent’s portrait, rocks in space, expected pirates, etc which would add information instead of just a generic animation.
  5. Map autocentering and zooming is annoying, zooming into system map when selected entry is in current system super annoying. Settings where I can turn both off please.
  6. Sorting by category then distance is fine default. But distance then category (and possibly few more) would be appreciated.

All in all, long overdue addition to the game. Kudos. But if I were deciding it would all be just part of Map 3.0

[edit] Forgot to ask; now that Agency button opens this, how do we check Agency progression short of logging off?


Can’t you fix the new map first before you throw new stuff on it?

Oh, and already noticed a shortcoming that is pervasive in all new range selectors, but particularly terrible in this new thing: you cannot select current constellation/current region.

  • And why is the list of agents not sorted alphabetically by system/agent name/range from your location?
  • And why does the map not center on and zoom in on the agent when I double click on the list entry? At least not reliably. IT zooms in to system zoom level for stuff in my system, it zoomed in on a random blank spot in the middle of the map for another spot in a different system and just moves around for most agents instead of zooming in on their location. You already make the map zoom around anyways, why not make it useful moving around in the first place?
  • And why does it only show a very small selection of things you can do? If I select Any Distance and All content type, I get 2 Agents suggested in Khanid although I have access to all of their Agents, including L5, and thus should see a whole lot more. Yes, sure, it would mean information overload but you randomly select content for players instead of providing a proper filtering solution so that they do not get an information overload.

I hope the last point gets worked on. I understand that the last point in particular requires a rather advanced state of development of that feature which this first draft is probably not at yet. However, the other 2 points are some rather very basic functionalities that should have been implemented in this first draft.

In that vein: How does that window … pardon, container (yeah, I like to be shipped around like livestock or a piece of trash, too :thinking:) select content in the first place? I am in Syndicate and the Agent Finder tells me I have 12 available Agents in the region. Your container, however, tells me I have 0 available and instead sends me to low sec/high sec if I select 10 jumps range, or suggests an agent to me that I have no access to in 3 jumps range.
How does this content censor… selection work? Or is that also just first draft state and will be improved upon very soon?


The filters and stuff for sorting are work in progress. We have some new designs waiting to be implemented, and will hopefully get them on to Singularity as soon as possible.

I can only wish I was using a 60 inch 4k monitor.

Resource Wars showing up twice is a bug, will get it sorted.

  1. Not entirely sure I understand what you are saying. Could you elaborate or throw in an annotated picture?
  2. Filters and work in progress
  3. Icons and map are still getting worked on
  4. Again, not sure I understand what you mean, sorry :frowning:
  5. See 3
  6. See 3 :slight_smile:
  7. When there is an event happening there will be a card in The Agency that will contain the current Agency UI so you can see your progression etc
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The map is on our list of things to fix, but this is not the map, although it uses a map. :slight_smile:

We have a task on the team and some designs ready waiting to be implemented for the filters. Will pass along your suggestions though.

Information overload is definitely something we are worried about as the amount of content in a single system, let alone constellation or region can be HUGE! This is something we can take a look at when implementing better filters though, maybe we ca adjust this.


Do I understand it right, you give intel away where signatures, anomalies and event sites are located in New Eden? If true, you de facto remove the exploration aspect from EvE! With this it will just be a race to the waypoints not looking left and right.


Nope, this is not correct.

The only things we will show in other systems are things you already know are in other systems or could find out from other sources like dotlan.

Asteroid Belts

We will not show you what anomalies and signatures are in other systems. You will still have to go and explore to find these things.


So it’s a mixture of improved agent finder and kind of travel log, that’s a good thing. Have to test the agent part, the current agent finder has not the best UI.

Kind of, we would like it to replace the Agent Finder eventually, but that will require us to get Factional Warfare agents and stuff into it, which will not happen in the initial release.


OMG this, don’t do it !!!

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I think they are saying the same thing I am. You guys could shrink the UI a whole bunch in the width and length. If the text becomes longer than what the event box has room for, use a “expand” button which would expand the box up so people can read the text.

I would say; if it was up to me. I’d try to get this window to fit stacked in a probe window, wallet, journal etc…

I have stacked my inventory, probe, journal, wallet and personal assets windows, and one of them controls how small the window can go. I’d say figure that out, and get this window so we would want to stack it as well. right now the opening and closing of this UI change will becoming a bother probably to most players (at least it will be for me) as it ends up covering most of my screen real-estate.


PS: I also think showing astroid belts in other systems could be to much. As you will only list one or two here and there. It would be a different matter if static belts where the go to thing in all space and if they had a longer respawn/refill time. Most of that information (maybe not for newbros) is pretty common knowledge to players who have been around a system or three.

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Did you even read the following posts? that is not happening

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@CCP_Claymore Will this issue be addressed as well?

It’s been like this a few agencies ago, everytime you finish the last objective available it just bugs there with the value it had before completion

I did report it previously but seems it keeps slipping away.