[Lifeblood] Changes to The Agency user interface


I can’t comment on that one.

This actual UI is owned by another team, we will just be moving it to a new home.

If you can link the bug report number I would be more than happy to take a look and see.


Could have sworn I did, but I suppose I forgot when filing a bug report about the previous Agency “Lucky Clash” since that one had its fair share of glitches which were quite interesting.

So I went ahead and made a new one:

This is a well thought out idea.

You should extend this even further, to a job center, where capsuleers can offer services. To get around the issue of offering categories to choose from, which naturally would be limited, a system of player created tags would help. Anyone can create his own tags (the system on the forums is rather bad, because it doesn’t allow for organic growth), which leads to the system working out by itself, due to people eventually learning how certain services are named. Not limiting options is the way to go, as having more options is always better than having less options.

I know i’d do this, because it helps bridging a huge gap between players.

Should i put this into a seperate thread?

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Ain’t you lucky I just had to postpone a project because team did a ■■■■ job with planning and documentation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Exaggerated down-scalling to make a point. Just did agents but other categories are even easier.

  1. That would then require me not to only draw a picture but create animations. Basically, take current Details portion that shows up when clicking on an entry. Divide it horizontally in three parts. Use left two thirds for current information (down-scaled in size) and use right third for a frame that shows animation specific to that type of entry. Will look cool and add information.

3., 5. and 6. Ok. Just give us as many options as possible to set it up and we’ll be fine.


You should totally put this in another and link it here so I can see it. :slight_smile:

It is something we would love to do is allow corp to make their own cards/challenges/tasks/jobs whatever you want to call them, but it is something that will take a bit of work and designing, so probably not coming any time soon.

Love the idea though.


Will expeditions from site escalations be included? Are there any plans to include any kind of exploration related escalations?


Thank you.

Have forward this all on to the team, we are actually already looking at different icons for agent type, but I love the idea of the agent level below the icon.


Can you add one thing to Agent Finder?
New players have some problems with finding 2lvl agent after reaching 1+ corporation standing.
So, mark “new available agents” with color.

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Good spot, will add this to the NOT included in initial release.

We want this in for the first point release of The Agency, but with the initial release these will remain in the journal :frowning:

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List coloumn is colossal waste of space. I get the need for stuff to look pretty but the way it looks now adds nothing to that. Individual entry could easily be 50% of current size, specially as width isn’t adjustable. If you expect certain entries to require more text that could be solved with Expand button.

This would work but CCP should implement a compact mode as well so that we can have both worlds. I like the larger size if you’re struggling with vision etc irl, as a “visually impaired” version. Combine it with a list 1/2 the size and you got the compact version. Game should always load compact unless you enable visual aid options.

@CCP_Claymore. It does look decent for sure, albeit too large and clunky. I’d absolutely love a smaller version as standard, with this large version as option (or vice versa) so that we can control our screen space better.

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We will not be adding anything to the Agent Finder, but this is something we could look at with The Agency to make it clear which agents you have recently unlocked the ability to speak to or something like that.


Looking good as far as I can tell.

One suggestion for the art team though, new windows like this kind of put a new emphasis on the corp logos. They look horribly outdated and low quality. It would be really nice if all the NPC corp logos could get a good high resolution polishing sometimes.


What is not happening? try combat or signatures.
What will be under the “agency” tab? the current agency sites?
That literally free intel and nail to the coffin for the exploration.

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What you quoted before, it’s not happening, go back to the post you quoted and read the next few posts, they are confirming it is not happening.

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■■■■ I’m drunk already, can’t read with comprehension.


This a fantastic graph for what to do in EvE:

what else can be put into agency?


Absolutely agree but just having more empty space adds very little to legibility. Great UIs are designed with flow mentality. Within reasonable interval user can scale constituent elements and if really amazing, amount of their content, without breaking layout. This is one aspect Eve’s UI has always been struggling with. In part justifiably due to amount of information needed to be on screen at any given time, true. Partly, and this is of course just a friendly poke, because design process should not be:

  1. :bulb: this could be useful/cool/is needed
  2. napkin sketch
  3. mail to art department, gimme pics!
  4. mail to coders, put pics in!!

I know you guys don’t work like this but blimey, sometimes end product surely looks like you were /o\

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While it is an amazing piece of work it belongs on CCP’s office walls, printed in huge posters. As a remainder of sheer size of environment they have to be mindful of every time one of those rectangles receive changes.

This should never ever been presented to a new player. It levels the sandbox and writes down lines in the sand for people to follow not to mention presents ‘youngsters’ with “There, your life as you know it is over. Sell your organs, kiss your loved ones goodbye, all ur base belong to us”.

You hint at size not show it. Mostly because discovery is bread and butter of player retention and partly because mystery drives curiosity.

I don’t want to open Agency and see an entry telling me that it seems I have enough SP and space-mileage to go run an incursion or gas mine or run pub fleet. I want Agency to show me where specific activity is after I decided what I wanted to do.

But yes, it would be really awesome if this window (and all its children) would be Central Command. Where I can get where current incursions are, who and where from is running pub fleets, which timers kick off in South in next two hours, are gilded schmucks gaining ground (sorry, couldn’t resist), etc. Tall order, functionality and Amarr both, sure. Not impossible though. Well, maybe the latter.


The reason they want to do it is there is no official way to learn it. CCP dumped evelopedia some time ago and they want to move some info from there into client. If this will be more like a hint instead solid information and renamed from the agency into some sort of central command it would be helpfull.

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An idea how to make that really generously big list items a bit smaller:
Add the expiring timer behind the titel of the list item. You actually could get rid of all the words and just give the time. I think for most people it will be self explaining, for the rest add a dialog at mouse-over.

Also: How often does this update?
I could think that it would be bad if someone takes on a journey with a slow ship to a site which has already become inaccessible. But the info wasn’t shown while window wasn’t updating while it was open. I could imagine you could force an update if on the searched items change it’s status or so, but I by no means a programmer.
Just wondering if it was made with the possibility in mind that it could be open all the time like on a second screen?