Improvements to the agency

With the arrival of EVE Online: Lifeblood, many user experience improvements will be made to the interface for The Agency, including the ability to find gameplay sessions with likeminded pilots so that capsuleers can collaborate on exploration, mining, combat and other aspects of life in space together.

I’m really optimistic that you can pull something like this off.

Matchmaking in EvE … really great idea … I will try my best to abuse this feature to max. And since when has EvE “gameplay sessions” … instancing incoming??

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Could be wholly innocent - “gameplay session” sounds much more official than “time you spend staring at imaginary space pixels.”

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it’s for group oriented casual players. errr, “sessions of gameplay”. you log in, find content, and log off again. it will cause an increase in tears about wars, ninjas, and suicide ganking, from carebears and farmers.

Just as long as it’s not Eve “Clippy”

“Hey! I noticed you’re mining an asteroid! Would you like help with…”

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As long as you can be evil right back to it or use it on other people, I don’t think people would mind too much. Let’s see…

-Stab it and have it bleed out. After you’ve killed a lot of these paper clips, make a necklace or bracelet.
-Put a really big magnetic coil next to it and vaporize it by induction
-Wrap it around part of your ship
-Wrap it around part of someone whose ship you’ve scrammed
-Bend it into a shape, heat it up, and scorch the pattern into someone else’s ship
-Throw it into a nearby sun
-Use it as a hair pin
-Wrap it around an index finger with a sharpened point sticking out
-Attach it to other peoples’ forum posts
-Put it in contracts

… most of which would be pretty much impossible with the engine we’ve got now. Sigh. And all of which is too silly for srs gam EVE.

Right, it’s actually a good idea, and sounds like a lot of fun. Makes things easier, so I don’t need to search and scan down DED and mission runners to steal their loot.

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it doesn’t sound too bad, but the smell of matchmaking itches my nose.

Same, the “good idea” was sarcastic … I’m puzzled why CCP Seagull gives a fresh hire team with no clue about EvE and sandbox gaming plus zero thinking outside the box a carte blanche to develop PvE events. The most friendly answer would be, because she doesn’t care about PvE.

i’m at a point, where i see one thing very clearly. CCP managed to replace the players who would have caused a huge issue over this, at a cost they’ll likely have to pay eventually.

But this does not work without changing EvE eventually, because accessible scripted and cooperative content in highsec must be shielded from the sandbox to be successful for themepark players. Incursions only work because the entry barrier is that high, and still there are plenty of ways to mess with.

If you want to do it right, you have to actively incorporate balanced and fun for everybody PvP options. Not an easy task.

i guess you’re not seeing how far it already goes? consider that just in 2012, this feature would have caused a massive outcry, because it sounds like matchmaking. there is no outcry, because most of those who care have left the game already, replaced with people who have no clue about EVE’s original culture.

the cultural changes have been in place for a while, and working, and thus all it needs is time. eventually everyone who is around will be so deep into the segregating mindset, that no one will be left to care about freedom of interaction. the perpetual victims are increasing in numbers and they will not ever stop complaining, until the very last person who wants to interfere with them has been removed. there is enough evidence to make this claim. so either CCP gets rid of them, or they kill the game by giving in to their ever increasing demands that are based on nothing but their feelings.

BUT we also see new features suggesting that they want to get rid of the biggest part of the cancer, which are the people who claim to be solo players, demanding solo content, at best in complete isolation.

every time the cancer complains about CCP not providing them what they want, i hope one more of them leaves. the sad part is that they’re so hardcore, they rather stay and complain, spread lies, ignore facts and rational arguments and keep spreading toxidity. it has zero to do with the game, actually, and is all about their minds and how everything has to bend to their likings.

it’s actually confusing. i know that there will be even more cries and screams for nerfs coming from the totalitarians (yes, that is the appropriate term, not “carebears”), on the other hand does it look like CCP wants to get rid of them, because CCP might have realized that they’re absolutely no good for the game whatsoever. i don’t know.

what it looks like right now, from a shallow perspective, is that CCP is slowly building up for empire wide war. increased npc pirate activity, influences on the standings and all. in the end, considering the phasing out of stations (leading to the definitive removal of asset safety), all these new structures (allowing independence), and the likely exodus of a lot of people out into new space, i feel like there is a need for all-out-war to make sense for what is coming.

in any case… i like the idea. it’s appropriate for the biggest part playerbase which is incapable of creating content, and it gives the small fries more ways of interfering with them. if CCP’s goal is to chemo the cancer out of the game, there’ll be room for another set of cultural changes to bring back balance into highsec. and anyone claiming that highsec favours PvP is either a liar, or ignorant about both the long-term history and recent history. not that it matters to them, because all they care about is wiping those who dare touching them.

damn, i hope that didn’t go too far off of whag we’re talking about. sorry. all i know for sure, is that there can not be a middle ground with totalitarians and the forums provide enough evidence for that claim. interesting times ahead…

agency is trash and needs to go away.

although i am intrigued by the new event. it says drifters so hopefully this isnt a wormhole only event that locks out 90% of the game. cooldown timers are bad enough.
if they make these sites impossible to complete without blinged out t3s itll just be another wasted event that doesnt appeal to the majority of the game.

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I’m puzzled why you think Seagull can steer this game into something better. New agency events show that person behind them have no idea what sandbox means. New pve content in incoming expansion shows only that CCP have no idea what kind of players they have in hisec because it’s clearly for nullsec type groups.

so what? then people from down there will run alts in highsec as well! that’s great for highsec, i guess, despite many of them being farmers. most people don’t actually limit themselves to one type of gameplay, or space.

to me it sounds like high sec fleet finder for pve. i dont see why people cant do that already. im not even sure i really get what its supposed to be.

we’ll see. vOv

eh im just thinking out loud. alot of these updates seem like a waste of time to me. i guess fleet finder is more for corps/alliance where this would be aimed more towards singular people who want to join a party finder for like… mining i guess.

L4M for BloodRaider DUNGEON.

Need 1 TANK AND 2 HEALERS (logi)
Pst with your SKILLPOINT level and ship fit

3 more DPS AND g2g!

Lets get that loot!


Lol @ccp. Wtf is wrong with you. Where did you go?

Eve may not be dead yet, but the ccp we have all known sure as hell is.


I’ll admit that’s a rather dismaying realization especially with the focus on these stupid pirate faction citadel sites theyre trying to make.

99.9999999% of players will never see or interact or loot a blood raider sotiyo so why waste time implementing that.
(Well it’s for goonswarm to control the supply of those ship bpcs clearly) they expect 200 random new players to team up in high sec or something and take a pirate structure down?

Stop trying to make dungeon raids fetch happen ccp. It’s not going to happen.