Light pvp Indy corp with dancers looking for some more friends to join our community

Vox eden is in need of worm buddies!
We are an industrial corporation building our own ships and fits to supply our pilots with the necessary infrastructure to reach further and strike harder.

We are looking for those of you who are interested in the following:

PVP: we need PVP capable pilots who are willing to roam with us, teach new bros, scout, and form defense fleets for both our K and W space assets.

Exploration: we are in need of those of you who have the capability of running WH sites and scanning down potential threats and targets.

PI: anyone who wants to get in on our PI Web come on in, obviously we need you to be able to do other things as well but its greatly needed.

Industry: Provided you have the skills and the interest to do so, you could participate in our relentless cycle of ship building and ship sploding!

You have 19 members without a single kill. Are you trying to be bad? Sheer luck would give you at least one kill. Is this an Alt corp?

oof was that necessary? i know it may come as a shock to you but believe it or not there is more to this game than just shooting people.
we say light pvp so we can defend structures if they get deced

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