Lightning Squad Recruiting high sec

About Lightning Squad:-

Relaxed NewBro friendly Corp

Family Environment, Real Life comes 1st.


Lightning Squad has expanded it’s horizons into nearly every aspect of EVE. Lightning Squad seeks to become a well-rounded corp.

What we offer:
Arrow Mining ops
Arrow access to level 4 mission agents.
Arrow Corp Buyback Program for Minerals, PI, and Salvage
Arrow Ship & Skill Book subsidy
Arrow Discord Comms( not mandatory to be on at all times )
Arrow Extensive Mentoring in any aspect of EVE
Arrow A fun and tight-knit membership based in EU and US timezones.

What we require:

Arrow Willing to participate in fleets to defend our members
Arrow Working microphone and access to Discord ( corp/alliance ops )
Arrow Able to communicate maturely
Arrow US/EU timezones and the ability to communicate in English
Arrow Good sense of humour and team ethic

** How to apply: **

Join our ingame public channel Lightning Squad PUB

Contact a recruiter:


Hello, please contact me on discord@ Croctheterrible I’d like to consider joining, I am an Amarr aligned minmitar miner that lives in Pesha VII that uses a retriever.

Thanks, Croc The Terrible.

still looking for good pilots to join us, newbro or vet, all welcome

recruitment still open :slight_smile:


I am interested in joining your Corp. I am mostly interested in mining and crafting/economic side of Eve. I do not have much interest in PvP but that could change as I get more experienced in the game.

Let me know what steps I need to do next to apply.



Recruitment still open , vets and newbros, all welcome.

recruitment open, newbro and vets, all welcome :slight_smile: