Limited Liability. - Looking for Miners, PVE, and PVP Pilots

Limited Liability. is looking for pilots interested in a laid back corp looking to make some isk.

What we offer:

  • SRP
  • Ore Buyback
  • Salvage Buyback
  • Loot Buyback
  • Weekly Moon Extraction Mining Ops
  • Skillbook Reimbursement Program
  • Miner Loaning Program
  • Orca Boosts
  • 0% Tax Refining and Industry Facilities
  • Leadership Advancement Opportunities

What we require:

  • Must have Mumble
  • Must be somewhat active (Inactives are removed after a 2 month period)
  • Full background check will be performed


  • Anti-Piracy
  • NRDS

If interested in joining, please contact Aegis Niminen in-game by Private Convo or Eve Mail.


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