Liquor Legion is recruiting! Looking for Corps with a bite!

Liquor Legion is seeking CORPS to help build our legion. Our main goal is to build infrastructure. We have a very tight core group of active players, and we’re primarily looking for active CORPS in the community with a competitive spirit, and a little bite.

We have our own moon mining structures within Syndicate

Currently we have 7 moon mining structures in mining moons up to r64, we have an advanced refinery array for maximum results

As an Alliance we have set up a local market station that holds plently in market goods, so ships are readily available along with other stuff.

We give access to our moons for a set fee and ask that if structures come under fire, that your members would help defend them alongside us.

The system has an ice belt and as part of the rental agreement we would ask that your corp mine 400 units of ice a month to contribute towards the structure upkeep.

So, for around 250mill in ice mining you get full access to mining and construction for your whole corporation.

We have amazing space set up, and this is a great place to enjoy Null without the BS of Sov.

If you would like further information, please contact - or visit us in our discord at


Dark Banshe3

Saad Skjem









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