Little improvement to Project Discoery to help my aching wrist

Because project discovery UI is so oversized, theres too much mouse travel on this frikkin’ thing, and its slowly killing my wrist.

Can you please make r-click to close the polygon, and double right click to submit. This would cut unecessary mouse travel on this minigame a lot. And also fix the issue with the game where it sometimes gets confused if it should close the polygon or move the vertex (end up clicking multiple times to close the polygon, which is bit irritating)

And before people complain that it would make it too fast and easy, please note theres already limit of submissions per minute that can be easily achieved with current game mechanics.


this :+1:

not this :-1:

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Had any reasoning for that thumb down? It wouldnt make the game any faster than it already is and would cut pointless mouse travel a lot.

Mouse travel is not the concern, but clicking is (especially when clicking the endpoint and it doesn’t “register” as an endpoint and creates a new node instead). This creates a risk of premature submission via accidentally double-clicking without any discernible advantage in speed or savings in time or reduction in carpel tunnel syndrome.

I personally dont have any issues with accidentally double clicking anything with my mouse.

Only problem i have is too much mouse movement and that submit button is far far away from everything else.

Submit could be bindable hotkey though if it causes any concern of too many clicketyclicks…

EDIT: same key/button ofcourse would need to work as ‘continue’ button too, or it would defeat any benefit of this…

That’s acceptable

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