Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion : Add hotkey for “loot all”
Keywords : UI,salvaging
Note : Make salvaging wrecks less of a clickfest

Currently after salvaging wrecks I am left with a cluster of 30 or more cargo containers. Emptying them is a clickfest regardless of how you do it. Usually I double click each container and then click loot all. This is tedious and does people with RSI issues no good at all. If there was a key to “loot all” the selected item then It could select the first item in the overview and press the hotkey 30 times and be done in a flash. Depending on implementation I might have to alternate “loot all” with down-arrow. That’s fine too.

MTUs sort of solve the problem, but MTUs are slow and can attract unwanted attention.

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Suggestion - Re-Classify the Abyssal Bio-Adaptive Cache type to either Officer’s or new type
Keywords - UI, QOL, Abyssal, Trigvalian, PVE
Note - Most players choose to have the “Large Collidable Structure” hidden on overview as it’s not uncommon to come across sites with dozens of structures that simply clog up the overview. As a result players who switch frequently between running PVE sites/Agent missions etc and Abyssal have to constantly fiddle with overview settings to enable to easily see the cache, but then turn off if running normal sites. Admittedly this is a very minor inconvenience, but I feel it would be a nice quality of life improvement that makes the experience smoother.


Suggestion: PI Window Changes
Keywords: PI, UI

In the new PI window:

  1. Let us collapse it to a smaller version
  2. On the planet status display rather than one red circle-bar for all events give us a symbol for each. For example, having my storage be full is a goal, I would ignore that warning. Having extractors or factories stop is a big deal to me. Either the icons or let us choose the warnings.

Suggestion: Don’t remove fleet advert when last member leaves fleet

Keywords: UI,fleet

Note: This just increases the workload for FCs

I’m not sure why this was ever a feature. I can remove the fleet advert any time I like. I don’t need it to be done for me.


Suggestion: allow for the ability to see the totalled est. Price and volume of highlighted assets under the personal assets tab
Keywords: personal assets, estimated price, volume
Note: useful for contracting to haulers and planning trips

When I’m making plans to contract my items from another system to high-sec I like to know the volume I am hauling so I don’t have to manually tally the prices and weights.

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Keywords: UI, Navigation
Note: Useful Information

Decided to post this here, as it’s reasonably small.

"A display would be nice in the “Jump To” section of the menu, which adds the fuel use for that particular jump, out of the fuel you have.

eg . ‘Jump To’ - “Pilot (System) - 8565 of 25000 Fuel” "


Suggestion: Ability to close multiple buy/sell orders at once (with minimum clicks and few warning popups to avoid stupid errors)
Keywords: ui, market
Note: When you have hundred of orders, doing an emergency evacuation of a citadel and so cancel all orders requires hundred if not thousand of clicks. It demotivates to do trade, or motivates to create Autohotkey scripts to simulate required input.

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Suggestion: Add buttons “warp to POCO” & “open POCO” to Planetary Prduction list.
Keywords: ui, planetary interaction
Note: Reducde PI click-fest a bitmore

When I am doing PI I do not need to warp to the planet or warp to the custom office at range. It greatly would reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries by having those two buttons. The system as it is requires loads of clicks and mouse movements to get to the poco and open it.


Suggestion: Ability to set default capsule skin
ui, fitting, skin
Make capsule skins worth having

I’d like to have the ability to set a default capsule skin. This wish has been posted by lots of people all over the place. As it is there is now sense in having a skin for capsule b/c you have to re-select the skin every time you leave the active ship. Maybe put a skin selector into general preferences or somewhere?


Suggestions: in Fitting add different damage profiles for ehp calculation
Keywords: ui, fitting
Note: Useful for fiddling with fits

I often want to beef my fits for specific damage profiles like checking if a travel fit would survive EM bombing BS. With the current fit ehp is only calculated with omni-damage. Would it be possible to add a selection what kind of damage to use for the calculation (omni-damage, only em/thermal/kin/expl, maybe even Sansha/Serpentis…)?


Suggestions: Allow it to activate ships sitting in corp hangars
Keywords: ui, corp hangar. ship activation
Note: Useful to hop into corp ships

By now one has to drag a ship out of corp hangar into own ship hangar and activate from there. Would be nice to activate a ship that is sitting in a corp hangar (and by that moved into own ship hangar). Would be even nicer if ship would be stored into corp hangar again upon leaving - but that’s probably not “Little/Small”


Suggestion: Add item count in “multiple items” contracts
Keywords: ui, market, contracts
Note: quick estimate number of items in the contract

Useful for those who search trough many 100+ blueprints etc. contracts.


Suggestion: Incremental Bookmark Names

Keywords: Bookmark, UI, Automation
Note: When making a Bookmark, have the default BM name say “spot in XYZ solar system 1”, then 2, 3 etc…

Often times when wanting to make temporary safe spot bookmarks or bomber perches you need to manually edit the name every time or you will end up with a ton of BMs of the same name. If they were numbered upon creation you could at least figure out which one came before the other by sorting the list. Maybe even have a single button to press which gives some side text like "Bookmark saved as “spot in XYZ solar system 4”. Perhaps make the “spot in XYZ solar system” bit customizable to something like “Temp BM x” or “Bomber Perch Y”


Suggestion : Inventory filter should have additional ‘advanced’ options
Keywords: ui, inventory, industry, assets,
tl;dr: I want to see a particular set of items and exact amounts. if 1,000,000 units of tritanium are available, i would like the sort function to show me only 248,379 units of trit (currently i can see trit OR stacks of 248,379… if i dont separate the stack myself, the filter will not show anything)

Current Item Filter options are sometimes odd, sometimes useful. ie: you can sort for ‘CPU Usage’ - Less Than / Greater Than / Equal To - x [type in the amount]. Personally I haven’t used this in the 10 years I have been playing, but to each their own.

Here is an example of the further sorting I would like to see : Name - Starts with (/ Does not start with / is / is not / contains / does not contain’ are the other options) - X [here i would type Proteins for example. But for further sorting, I only want to see exactly 26, 240 items. The additional columns would be ‘Quantity - less than / greater than / equal to / show only - x’ [here i would type in 26,240]

In the end, i could have a filter that shows me a list of of the available minerals / planetary goods / capital components / structure components / etc in filtered amounts (despite what is available in the hangar) to make it easier to trade to alts, create contracts, make batches of items.


Suggestion : Give the ability to route PI between storage facilities / Launchpads
Keywords: ui, industry, Planetary Interaction, PI
Note: currently unable to create routing between two storage facilities

Not sure why this was the case… balance of some sort? Technical reasons?

In the spirit of reducing clicks, here’s a few more we can kill

edit: we can even keep the cooldown. routing between 2 storage facilities / launchpads would essentially be an automatic expedited transfer and create the cooldown.


Suggestion: Extra Bookmark subfolder
Keywords: UI, Bookmarks
Note: An extra subfolder for bookmarked locations. Sometimes you have many things bookmarked under a personal folder’s subfolder. For example, a folder named after a system, there can be many different things of interest that could be grouped under different titles in this initial subfolder of personal locations. I’m suggesting one extra because I don’t see an immediate need for several subfolders.

This is something I would find useful, but I suspect it may not be for everyone, worth putting out there anyway. Just in case.

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Suggestion: Ability to complete Agency quests via HUD

Keywords: ui, agency
Note: Agency window slow, annoying for repeatable quests

During secrets of abyss event, repeatable quests required regular visit to agency window. Suggest adding ‘complete’ button to agency section of in space HUD, see attached photo.


Suggestion: Agency repeatable quests rewards accumulate without acknowledgement

Keywords: ui, agency
Note: Difficult to receive maximum rewards with current system

During secrets of abyss event, it was easy to forget to hit complete for quests during PvE. Instead of requiring player to acknowledge completion via a UI button press, have players receive awards for all cumulative quest completions upon bringing up agency window.

Example: Secrets of abyss event, player completes 3 dungeons. Upon opening agency window, player sees popup with 3 agency points for deadspace chain quest completions, 4 NPC kill count completions.


Suggestion: Provide optout for map with agency window

Keywords: ui, agency, map
Note: client lags due to loading map with agency window

Allow players to opt out of the map component of the agency window, to improve UI responsiveness.


Suggestion: Double click on module fits module when fitting window open

Keywords: ui, fitting
Note: As title

I tried doing this today without thinking, feels like an intuitive feature to add.