Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Option to make pinned windows opaque
Keywords: ui, windows, transparency
Note: so one can stack pinned windows without them showing through each other

I stack windows to save space and, especially when using Low Shader Quality (since it lacks the Window blur option), pinned windows are highly transparent, making for stuff like this:

I’ve been told this is intended behavior. Alas, I pin windows not to make them transparent but to prevent accidental click & drags (with the “Lock Windows When Pinned” option in General Settings).

In lieu of the ability to make pinned windows opaque, perhaps another button which only freezes the window would be nice.

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There is a transparency slider in the general settings tab that you can use that I believe works on pinned windows. This change was not really my favorite, as I always play on low graphics settings and therefore had to lower the slider all the way down or change my graphics settings.

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It would be nice if when simulating a ship with Abyssal mods that it shows those modes.


Suggestion: Add HP / EHP toggle to fitting window

Keywords: ui, fitting, EHP
Note: Add option to toggle between HP and EHP for both hitpoints and repair modules

Displaying HP values for the hitpoints but especially for repair amount is only marginally useful. Add a toggle option for EHP. Maybe even default to EHP in the first place.


Suggestion: Add damage percentage for faction laser crystals to show info > attributes

Keywords: ammo, crystals, damage attribute

I believe right now the only place to see how damaged faction laser crystals are is when they’re loaded into the turrets. Add the percentage readout to the Attribute tab of the Show Info window to allow to easy discarding of crystals that are no longer worth carrying.


Suggestion: Add a shortcut “send a single drone” of idle state to mine\attack\warfare

Keywords: drone, shortcut
Note: Useful for simplifying drone control (especially ecm)

Some drones (mining, ecm) could be used more efficiently by placing them on separate targets. Current way of control drones heavily limiting this possibility to quite mouse-nimble pilots and macro-users.


Suggestion: Ability to see Runs, ME and TE lvl of a blueprint by hovering over it(Just like the new Contract preview window for abyssal modules)
Keywords: UI, Blueprints, Preview window, Inventory,
Note: So if you look at this picture: Blueprint inventory - I urge you to find Capital computer blueprint with 10 runs, me9, te9.



Suggestion: Hangars shared between characters

Keywords: UI, Inventory, Sharing
Note: Would be useful when doing industry, and generally having a shared hangar would improve gameplay with multiple alts.



I’ive opend a Bug report about this 1 1/2y ago EBR-109655 if any1 cares. (That time beeing only revenant and any fax) Now its also any other faction ship ingame.
Maybe i get some attention here. :yum:

Capital Ship Construction required level 3:

Capital Ship Construction required level 4:

Capital Ship Construction required level 5:


Suggestion: Ability to assign incoming taxes/funds to different Wallet Divisions?
Keywords: Corporation, Wallet, Divisions
Note: Useful for Corporation accounting

Is it possible to direct the different types of incoming taxes and/or sales funds a Corporation collects to a specific wallet division, and if not is this something that could be implemented?

For example; I’d like to be able to direct taxes received from PvE bounties to Wallet Division 2, taxes received from Customs Offices (POCOs) to Wallet Division 3 and funds received from Corporation Contracts to Wallet Division 4, etc…

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Suggestion: Remove Information Text Boxes from Asteroid Clusters

Keywords: ui, mining, anomalies
Note: Flavor text is nice, once, not every time.

When warping to or in some case inside asteroid cluster anomalies a flavor text box pops up explaining the site. Please make these either optional or go away after your first encounter with them. You could make it a reversible setting on the Reset Settings page of the Escape menu.


Suggestion: Statistics/effects list for installed implants

The UI should show the complete effect of the installed implant set, somewhere, anywhere.

Even something as basic as this:

Would be immensely helpful. Bonus points for adding a similar block to installed jump clones.


Suggestion : Make approach, orbit, etc. keys apply to locked target
Keywords: UI,navigation
Note: Make combat interface more intuitive and faster

Currently the hotkeys for Align, approach, orbit, keep at range can be used in two ways. 1) you can hold the key and click an object in the over view or 2) click an object in the overview and press the key. If the overview window is not holding keyboard focus then the hotkeys do nothing. My suggestion is, if the overview window does not have focus, have the hotkey apply to the currently selected/locked target.

Frequently I will have multiple locked targets and it would be nice as one is dispatched to press Q and approach the next locked target without having to find the same target in the overview and q-click it.


Suggestion : Add hotkey for “loot all”
Keywords : UI,salvaging
Note : Make salvaging wrecks less of a clickfest

Currently after salvaging wrecks I am left with a cluster of 30 or more cargo containers. Emptying them is a clickfest regardless of how you do it. Usually I double click each container and then click loot all. This is tedious and does people with RSI issues no good at all. If there was a key to “loot all” the selected item then It could select the first item in the overview and press the hotkey 30 times and be done in a flash. Depending on implementation I might have to alternate “loot all” with down-arrow. That’s fine too.

MTUs sort of solve the problem, but MTUs are slow and can attract unwanted attention.

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Suggestion - Re-Classify the Abyssal Bio-Adaptive Cache type to either Officer’s or new type
Keywords - UI, QOL, Abyssal, Trigvalian, PVE
Note - Most players choose to have the “Large Collidable Structure” hidden on overview as it’s not uncommon to come across sites with dozens of structures that simply clog up the overview. As a result players who switch frequently between running PVE sites/Agent missions etc and Abyssal have to constantly fiddle with overview settings to enable to easily see the cache, but then turn off if running normal sites. Admittedly this is a very minor inconvenience, but I feel it would be a nice quality of life improvement that makes the experience smoother.


Suggestion: PI Window Changes
Keywords: PI, UI

In the new PI window:

  1. Let us collapse it to a smaller version
  2. On the planet status display rather than one red circle-bar for all events give us a symbol for each. For example, having my storage be full is a goal, I would ignore that warning. Having extractors or factories stop is a big deal to me. Either the icons or let us choose the warnings.

Suggestion: Don’t remove fleet advert when last member leaves fleet

Keywords: UI,fleet

Note: This just increases the workload for FCs

I’m not sure why this was ever a feature. I can remove the fleet advert any time I like. I don’t need it to be done for me.


Suggestion: allow for the ability to see the totalled est. Price and volume of highlighted assets under the personal assets tab
Keywords: personal assets, estimated price, volume
Note: useful for contracting to haulers and planning trips

When I’m making plans to contract my items from another system to high-sec I like to know the volume I am hauling so I don’t have to manually tally the prices and weights.

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Keywords: UI, Navigation
Note: Useful Information

Decided to post this here, as it’s reasonably small.

"A display would be nice in the “Jump To” section of the menu, which adds the fuel use for that particular jump, out of the fuel you have.

eg . ‘Jump To’ - “Pilot (System) - 8565 of 25000 Fuel” "


Suggestion: Ability to close multiple buy/sell orders at once (with minimum clicks and few warning popups to avoid stupid errors)
Keywords: ui, market
Note: When you have hundred of orders, doing an emergency evacuation of a citadel and so cancel all orders requires hundred if not thousand of clicks. It demotivates to do trade, or motivates to create Autohotkey scripts to simulate required input.

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