Jump Fuel use detail

A display would be nice in the “Jump To” section of the menu, which adds the fuel use for that particular jump, out of the fuel you have.

eg . ‘Jump To’ - “Pilot (System) - 8565 of 25000 Fuel”


And something similar for bridging.

Depends on mass, and on how many assholes are running their prop mods trying to crash in because they’re afraid they’re going to miss the bridge and they weren’t at zero.

That said, OP’s idea is a great QOL/small things thread. I’d suggest posting it there, where it’ll probably garner an actual Dev’s attention (they don’t read these threads except to moderate them… 99% of their interaction is on reddit).

Of course it depends on mass. It also depends on distance. But thanks.

Now that I think about it… adding fuel consumption from a bridge to the logging (same as when you take damage) and being able to attribute it to individual pilots would go a LONG ■■■■■■■ way towards fixing that ■■■■.

Happens far too often that some asshole in a recon decided to crash my blops and run his plated cruiser with an MWD on through the bridge. Soaks up a metric fucktonne of fuel. Having a log to say that they did it would be all the justification I need to order the ships on me to decloak, and primary the asshole.

Yes Bridging too would be nice.
I’ll have a look for the small things thread

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