Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Most likely outcome but still worth a try:

Suggestion: “Open Local Locations” is the only button (as far as i am aware) that you can assign to open a window but you can not close it with that button. Make the button close the window.
Keywords: ui
Note: Useful for ppl like me who do not like a cluttered client ui

Suggestion: Corp like wallets for individual pilots
Keywords: ui, wallet,
-spread the ingame currency over to wallets.
-prevent to accept scam contracts
-keep ingame currency to other wallets for their own projects.

Suggestion: Options to transfer items from delivery hangar to main hangar with out being at the location of the asset
Keywords: inventory, delivery hangar

Note: To prevent needless trucking around space to contract assets to additional characters having the ability to remove items from the delivery hangar would be excellent

Also Can we please get some kind of confirmation option for accepting a delivery from someone in the case of item spam? A temporary queue where the item resides similar to the contract system until we accept the transfer.

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Wrong forum thread for this probably. That would be a massive platform/UI overhaul.

I’d suggest here:

Suggestions: Ability to see what’s missing from a fit
Keywords: fitting
Notes: It would be very helpful to see what module or item is missing when fitting a ship when using multi-fit or just trying to fit one ship

Suggestion: Broadcast setting quick settings selection list
Keywords: broadcast, settings

Note: useful when switching between fleet role requirements between DPS or Logi broadcasts rather then going in and misclicking items when they are or aren’t needed. Similar to the stored fleet configuration settings.

Suggestion: The Edit Contact dialog should not only allow to adjust standings but also labels.
Keyword: UI, contacts, labels, edit contact
Notes: It is impossible to see which label a contact has from Show Info or Edit Contacts. You have to sift through the People and Places window to figure that out and that’s not convenient.

When i search for something in personal assets and i actually have that item, let me move that item elsewhere if i am in the same station.

For example, I have loads of containers in my hanger because that is the only way to keep it tidy. I search for Antimatter as I know I have some CN Antimatter charges somewhere, the results show i have 5000 of it in x container.

Currently I have to then go to the hanger > container > find items > move (maybe split the stack)

Allow us to do this from the search results instead.

Already tells you this, if you click the 3 dots to the right of Missing ships and/or equipment


Suggestion: Locator agents should use the same “Search by” parameters that I use in People and Places.
Keywords: UI, agents, locator agents, name search, name recognition
I just wanted an agent to search for a random character "Urudin DeVasco " (note the trailing space) but because of the trailing space the agent told me that this char does not exist. Searching for the same name with the space in P&P immediately gives me the result, though. Instead of telling me the name does not exist, the Agent should work just like P&P and give me search results to chose from if there are too many possibilities.

Suggestion: Ability to reverse engineer items. There could be a whole series of skills that could be developed and work with other existing skills.
Keywords: Industry, Science, Production, Blueprints, Invention, Reverse Engineering
Instead of starting with a Blueprint Copy, you start with the End Product. Instead of Invention, it is Reverse Engineering. You work to create a BPO or maybe BPC if the former is too powerful. This is the high-level view. I can detail it out if needed.

Suggestion: A Production and Invention queue for Industry Factories
Keywords: UI, Industry, Factory, Production, Invention
Add the ability to have queues for production and invention items much like you have for skills.

Suggestion: Light gray background when previewing ship skins.

Keywords: ui, skins, graphics
Note: Give us the ability to toggle on a neutral, light gray background when looking at ship skins for a more accurate depiction of how they look.

Suggestion: Ability to “ignore broadcasts from fleet member” when right-clicking an broadcast from not the FC
Keywords: Fleet, Broadcast, Ignore
Note: Useful for reducing broadcast spam
It would be nice if you could make it so that you could choose either to ignore broadcasts from members who are trying to spam the history with wrong broadcasts or choose to only accept broadcasts from the Fleet/Wing/Squad Commander

Suggestion: Separate “Remove Tractor unit from Overview” and “Scoop to cargohold” options in right-click menu.
Keywords: Menu, Right click.

While those are similar in function, as they both remove tractor unit from overview, there is one small detail…

Please make UI Auto-Scaling a toggle. (i.e. lock UI Scale)

I know of no one who wants the UI to choose for them, but if they do, we need to turn it off so that when windows accidentally snap in a corner (1/4 screen) it doesn’t drop the UI to miniscule, unreadable levels. When you are moving quickly, it’s very hard to get the Window’s snap gestures right every time.