Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Elementatia) #207

Suggestion: Allow to change Ship Names remotely
Keywords: ui,
Note: As there is time to travel, there is time to name your ships.

(Giddy McFee) #208

I reckon this one will get flamed but hey ho

Allow D-Scan to be set to automatically dscan on a sliding timer, say between off and 30 seconds in 5 second increments to save us the insanity of ALWAYS pressing dscan

(Giddy McFee) #209

Allow us the save PI colonies (factories, storage and launchpads) as templates complete with links. Also allow us to set one PI resource that filters through the other factories. When setting up 18 factories sometimes, just sometimes I want them all producing the same thing and it would be nice not to have to manually set each factories output

(Giddy McFee) #210


When setting up a link between an extractor and another structure let us upgrade the link on the fly without having to cancel and reset up the link again after manually upgrading.

(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #211

I’m pretty sure CCP Karkur, the legend and master of fixing things will be checking it.

(Giddy McFee) #212

It would be nice to see evidence of that, In fact it would be nice to see evidence that anything suggested in this long running thread have ever been brought into game

(Z1gy) #213

since we are doing QOL is there a way we can mass delete expired contracts instead of clicking them each one by one?


reposted from test server thread

(Giddy McFee) #214

Or even renew them without having to set them all up again.

(Tragot Gomndor) #215

Suggestion: Ability to filter alpha skills under character sheet > skills
Keywords: ui, character sheet, skills
Note: Quickly find all alpha skills, even used for omegas who want to skill all alpha skills

Currently you can only use “can skill now”

(Matt Vane) #216

Suggestion: Add a option for skills to be added to the skill queue directly after Prerequisites to the right click menu
Keywords: Skills, skill training, right click
You can currently right click on a skill and there are options to add it to the top of the skill queue and to the end of the skill queue. However, for skills that have Prerequisites that are completed in the current skill queue, there is no easy way to add the skill directly behind where the Prerequisites are completed. The add to top of skill queue command does not work because the Prerequisite is in the skill queue and not yet complete. The add to skill queue command just places it at the bottom of the skill queue. However, there should be an option to add the skill directly after where the Prerequisite is completed in order to facilitate easier training of more advanced skills. Another option would be that the “Add skill to top of queue” command to add the skill directly behind the Prerequisite because that position is the top available space in the queue.

(Frosty-nee) #217

Suggestion: increase the number of characters available in the bio
Keywords: character sheet, bio, ui
Note: I wanted to add a PGP signature to my character bios as a joke, but didn’t have enough characters.

(CCP karkur) #218

We have a number of little things coming in Lifeblood, check it out here

(Adria Eqviis) #219

Suggestion: visually show disabled state on MWD/MJD that is affected by warp scrambler
Keywords: ui, modules
Note: bad UX when repeatedly clicking MWD/MJD module and nothing happens

If you’re warp scrambled and have a MWD, there is no indication on the MWD module that you can’t use it. The module looks like it can be clicked, but when you do click it the only feedback is a text message at the other end of the screen… (and warp scram & disruption icons are visually very similar in the EWAR bar.)

Ideally, the MWD module would just change in some way, showing its status of being disabled by a scram, for example with the blocky-circle like on cloaking devices:

(discussed in separate thread: Dim out MWD button when scrambled – if other players don’t need this because they’re trained to recognize the scram icon that’s great, but all the same this is annoying and off-putting to newer and/or infrequent PvPers)

(Giddy McFee) #220

Excellent stuff, nice to know that the little things section is still being utilised.

(ITTigerClawIK) #221

Allow us to warp/dock to a citadel without having to have it on our current active overview tab.

(binnimar) #222

Suggestion: Make the filter text box in wallet transactions bigger
Keywords****strong text: wallet, filter, transactions
Note: Useful when filtering transactions by items in the wallet

I use the transaction filter quite often. While you can drag and drop items into the filter sometimes I write out the item name. It is very hard to see what is being written in the text box, making it a few characters bigger would help a lot.

Further note: Being able to right click on transactions and filter them in a right click menu would also be awesome.
Further further note: Being able to view transactions per item by right clicking them in the market browser would be godlike…

Yes I station trade :smiley:

(Matt Vane) #223

Suggestion: The ability to drag modules over an occupied slot to replace what is in the slot when using the ship simulation.
Keywords: ship, modules, simulation
When simulating a ship, it would be much easier for a player to have the ability to just drag a module to an occupied slot to replace the slot instead of having to unfit the simulated module. I understand if this functionality is not wanted for actual ship refitting, but for simulations I see no reason why this functionality is allowed. This would be especially useful when you click simulate on an already fit ship, as then you would have to unfit all the simulated modules that were originally fit, rather than being able to drag modules over the fit modules to replace them.

(Octoven) #224

Suggestion: Update PI Resource Bars
Keywords: UI, PI
Note: Useful for determining PI Resources at a glance

I would like to suggest placing markers within the PI resource bars, such as this…
PI_Markers Screenshot_2

In this example, the marks are set at roughly 10% each, I say roughly because of the 112 pixels the bar took up splitting in 10 parts would be 11.2 lol and its a bit difficult to draw .1 of a pixel thus the beginning and end have an extra added on. Im sure you could compromise this somewhere, but this would give the player a quick glance for personal use when comparing planets or for conveying that information. At current someone ask, "Hey how much Ionic Solutions you have in that planet…"and you are forced to say, “well I don’t know…its like halfish of a quarter…oh here let me just screenshot it.”

Even more annoying is looking at a planet, comparing with another planet only to have to screenshot and overlay the two images just to get an accurate picture of how much resources we are talking about. In this method you can go ooh look the ionic solutions are a little over 10% about 12%. The markers don’t even need to be black I just did that for showing their usage, you could make them grey or whatever.

(Rina Asanari) #225

Suggestion: Lock items in inventory
Keywords: UI, inventory management

Especially when you start having several needed items in your ship’s cargohold, like ammo, one MTU and perhaps replacement scripts for your sensor booster, managing loot gets to be a hassle, because sooner or later you will drag one of said items out of the cargohold by mistake.

What I would like to see is to have a means to lock the items in place. They can be used (as in, ammo loading into the turrets, boosters being applied, scripts being loaded into the sensor booster or deploying/picking up the MTU), but not dragged out of the cargohold they’re currently in until they get unlocked again. The locking flags should be character persistent as in, when deploying the MTU and scooping it back to the cargohold it gets relocked, but should be voided if, say, the ship gets passed to another player or is destroyed and looted.

(Tragot Gomndor) #226

Suggestion: More overview settings for beacons
Keywords: ui, overview
There are multiple types of beacons, that are all shown when you let beacons shown: FW sites, cynosural fields, pve event sites, upcoming ressource war sites, static beacons, etc.
Each one should be able to be turned off or on individualy. Less overview clutter.