Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Reword capacitor/shield recharge bonus/penalties
Keywords: Fitting, modules

Take a look at this module and try to guess how it affects shield and capacitor recharge:

“Capacitor recharge rate bonus -20%” - makes capacitor recharge 20% slower.
“[Shield] recharge rate bonus -22” - makes shields recharge 22% faster.

This is very confusing.

The correct wording would be something like this:
“Capacitor recharge time +20” - this makes capcitor recharge 20% slower (longer recharge time).
“Shield recharge time -22%” - this makes shields recharge 22% faster (shorter recharge time).

Similar problem exists in some other places too. For example in the fitting window the “capacitor recharge time” is incorrectly called “capacitor recharge rate”.

Then there is the Power Diagnostic System I (and its variants). On that module you can see the following bonuses:
“Capacitor recharge rate bonus 7,50%” - this makes capacitor recharge faster.
“Shield recharge rate bonus 7,50%” - this makes shields recharge faster.

This is all very confusing and the wordings should clarified.


Suggestion: Add some missing GUI keyboard shortcuts common to many/most GUIs.
Keywords: ui, keyboard, shortcut
… In all edit fields: Ctrl-Backspace for backward-word-delete
… In all listviews: F2 for rename/change-label (where applicable, ie ship names, bookmarks, etc)


I guess I’m ok with leaving either the people and places window or the systems location window open. It uses more screen real estate than I’d like, but ok.

I don’t think “use the radial menu” is a good alternative. Q-click, d-click, etc exist for a reason. Keyboard shortcuts are good.

My main suggestion is to allow q-click and d-click to work on bookmarks

PI needs some TLC it has not been updated for a long time!

Suggestion: add multi-select
Why: So you can select all your objects and then decommission them

This could also be used too pick up your objects and move them to another area on the planet! without the need of decomission, just pick up move and then cost it!

Pi has been updated just a few years ago (less mouse clicks) And this isn’t the place for something like this. Put this in player feature & ideas. This thread is for small stuff that devs work on in free time. That’s why it says little things.

Suggestion: Ability to export and import inventory filters

Keywords: ui, inventory, filters
Note: I want to use community filters instead of inventing a wheel

I really want to organize my inventory but it takes too long to create filters from scratch; If I only have the ability to import stuff like I did with overview settings!


Suggestion: Personal assets - Show sums for ‘Volume’ and ‘Estimate price’ in station row

Keywords: ui, assets
Note: Useful for instantly figuring out how much ISK there are in a station and what transport ship you need for hauling it out.


Suggestion: Increase the importance of leveling the weapon specialization to the fifth degree
Keywords: Weapon specialization
Note: Now the damage increases by only 2%. maybe better to have 1>5 levels give 1%1%2%2%4%.

Suggestion: Berserk drones
Keywords: Drones
Note: When you turn on the overheat on the drones, they become berserkers, speed/accuracy/range increases by 15%, signature decreases by 15%, structure decreases by 1% from maximum to self-destruct. Overheating cannot be turned off.

Suggestion: Make ‘Loot All’ command bindable and/or change default focus in Loot window.
Keywords: ui, key, loot
Notes: Please allow the ‘Loot All’ command to be bound to a keyboard shortcut. Failing that, or in addition to that, give the Loot All button in the Loot window the initial focus so that you can just hit Enter when the window pops up. Yea, TAB-TAB-ENTER works now, but less keys/clicks is always better.

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Suggestion: Display current drone mode (aggressive/passive) somewhere in the Drones window.
Keywords: ui, drones
Notes: As it is now you have to click and open the Drones popup menu in the upper left corner to see what the mode your drones are in and that can be a pain in the middle of battle.

Not a little thing to develop - please post a separate thread for discussion.

Not a little thing to balance. Please post a separate thread for discussion.

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Suggestion: In “Simulate Fit” allow Ctrl-Drag-Drop empty slot of same size to copy/paste the current module.
Keywords: ui, fitting
Notes: Would be a lot quicker than finding it in Browse and adding.

I meant that the location window allows you to warp faster. even faster than if you had them in your overview since you overview updates.

I agree keyboard should be usable on location.

Suggestion: Remember size/position of [email] Message window (always, between logins/instances).
Keywords: ui, window, size, position, email, message
Notes: The game doesn’t seem to always remember the size/pos of the email Message window (like when you receive and click on a email notification).
Within one session I think it does, but then if you quit and restart, then the first time it pops up it is a little square in the middle of the screen again.

EDIT: It doesn’t appear to just be per session, I just had it reset within the same session. So I guess it’s when switching from inside to outside and vice versa.

Suggestion: Combine the Augmentations and Jump Clones tab

Keywords: augmentations, implants, jump clone

Note: Decluttering of the UI

With the new and neat Jump Clones tab in the character sheet I would’ve loved to see the Augmentations tab getting implemented into the jump clones tab. There really is no good reason to have a secondary tab just for the clone which you are currently using. Simply rename the tab from Jump Clones to Clones, add the clone which you are currently using to the list and we have removed an unnecessary part of the UI :stuck_out_tongue:

I made a mock up of how I think it could look:


Suggestion: Automatic packaging/stacking of items that are placed in hold or hanger

Keywords qol,

Notes The recent (ish) changes to probe charges show that it IS possible already to stack and repackage probes when they go into the hold of a ship, it would be nice to extend that automatically to any module that is dragged from a wreck or a fitting into a container or your hanger (with the exception of damaged modules that need to be repaired).

This would save a lot of time (especially those with large inventories) having to manually drag items from holds and containers to hangers in order to repackage them and place them back.

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That would need to be an option, I don’t think I always want every thing restacking automatically. The ability to repackage in containers would be good.


and also, SELL from containers please.


option is fine with me.

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