Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Remove the cloak hardening timer when the ship is not cloaked
Keywords: UI/UX, Timers
Note: There is no point in showing the cloak hardening timer after the ship decloaked, as it will be refreshed anyway when the ship recloaks.


Suggestion: Add update fit button for ghost-fitting
Keywords: UI/UX, Fitting
Note: Button should update currently opened fitting

Expected location

Suggestion: A new version of EVE UI Tips and Tricks
Keywords: UI, NPE, VPE
Note: a video made in spare time that had an awesome informative content :heart:. A newer version would deserve even more to be pinned in the New Citizens Q&A section of these forums

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Suggestion: Be able to share all contracts created by one player in a single link

Keywords: Market, contracts

Notes: Currently if i want to email my corps trade mailing list, or if I want to link contracts i’ve created in a chat channel I need to do then one at a time. However my Omega characters can create 21 contracts in total. It would be handy to be able to go into My Contracts > Dispaly outsnading contracts and from there either copy, or generate and copy a link that shows ALL outstanding contracts where is the owner.

Then for the person opening that link it will display within the contract search screen but just as that character as the issuer, that way all contracts from X player can be advertised via a single link.

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Moved to Player Features and Ideas - Per recommendations

this might be better suited as a suggestion in player features and Ideas, since the MTU cannot loot wrecks that are not either the owners/fleet members or abandoned.

Like an actual discussion…

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+1 for an actual discussion topic - this is a balance item that merits space for response, not a simple QoL change.

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Suggestion: Include the results of the search query “asset safety wrap” in the Assets > Safety tab
Keywords: confusion, assets, QOL
Note: I returned after a while, saw notification/email that old homes had been destroyed and “checked the asset safety system” by going to Assets > Safety. I assumed I had lost my chance to recover the items due to an elapsed time limit or something. I accidentally found my packages all show up when I search asset safety wrap, those should be included by default along with pending asset safeties

Suggestion: In the character sheet under killrights it should also show as additional tabs, Kill rights assigned to you & Killrights assigned to your corp.
Keywords: A hunter needs a target list.
Note: I did a bit of anti ganking of late and noticed that when someone assigns a kill right to me it doesnt show anywhere.

Ps: maybe also include the cost of the kill right

Suggestion: Ability to adjust dscan angle with hotkey/key+mouse wheel
Keywords: ui, dscan, directional scan, exploration
Note: More fluid dscanning, less jumping mouse around, consistency with V+mouse wheel for adjusting dscan range

Currently you can adjust your dscan range with V+mouse wheel in the region map (although my tooltip for it is gone). Would be convenient with a similar input for adjusting angle, for quicker/more fluid dscanning, especially when multitasking (dscanning, probing, running for your life, etc.)


Suggestion: Draw line to bookmark when bookmark is selected in People/Places window or Saved locations in … window.
Keywords: Bookmark, tactical overlay
Note: You can draw a line in the tactical overlay to a bookmark by clicking it in space but not by selecting it in the bookmark windows.

Finding a nearby bookmark in space when there are many bookmarks nearby can be difficult. When you select a bookmark in space a line is drawn in the tactical overlay. This is not terribly helpful for orienting the camera to find a bookmark, because you presumably have already found it.

If you could select the bookmark in one of the two bookmark windows and then have a line drawn to the bookmark in the tactical overlay this would be very nice for finding the bookmark in space!

edit: I forgot you can draw a line to a bookmark by clicking it in space.

Suggestion: For accessibility reasons, ability to change theme should not be locked to Omega accounts
Keywords: ui, colorblindness, colourblindness
Note: Colours in some themes make it hard to discern some elements, such as currently highlighted overview item, for people with vision issues

While I realize CCP might want to keep some goodies like this locked to Omega to entice people to subscribe, this one in particular does actually lead to accessibility issues. Highlight colour in the overview is one example, there are almost guaranteed more of them.
Maybe this is something that could be at least partially solved with the colour blindness options, but I don’t believe it’s always necessarily colours blending together that’s the issue, as it might also be the differences in the contrast of unhighlighted vs highlighted elements in some themes.

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Suggestion: Colour of module heat damage indicator should be affected by colour blind settings and/or otherwise customizable
Keywords: ui, colorblindness, colourblindness
Note: Red appears darker/less saturated for a lot of people and it can at times be difficult to at a glance see how much heat damage a module has taken, possibly leading to unexpected burnouts, etc.

Suggestion: additional filter added to skills so that Omega clones can view alpha skills only. It would be really handy as otherwise the only way to check it to wait for Omega to expire or go through an online spreedsheet really slowly and carefully.
Likewise, a filter for the fitting menu to filter alpha only would also be really handy.


Suggestion: let manufacturing interface always check “ship hangar” when a t1 hull is part of the materials, regardless of input location for the rest of the materials
Keywords: UI, Industry, Manufacturing
Note: a t1 ship is currently only “found” when all other materials are in the Item Hangar (although the ship is formally in the Ship Hangar), not when they are in any other input location selected.

Excellent suggestion.
The easiest way right now that I have noticed is to hover the mouse where the x should be, move up or down one item and the x will appear.

Suggestion: Add a System tab to the Chat window and use it to show… system stuff.
Keywords: ui, chat, message, system
Notes: Like get rid of the distracting MessageBoxes that only have an OK/Close button and put the message in System log. That way it is not distracting and it doesn’t go away forever when I click it away. I often never get to read them, because when they popup I need to click them away because I’m busy, but a minute later i’d be free to read it.
… Many other things could be moved here…


Suggestion: Add ESS main bank value to minimised ESS overview
Keywords: overview, ESS
Note: The newly restyled ESS overview (that some praise as ‘nice and big’) is unfortunately far too big for my rather crowded low res client (I’m not fortunate enough to own a 4K monitor). A usable compromise would be to add the main bank value to the minimised version of the ESS overview. Also, a tool tip for the minimised ESS overview that shows the ESS timers and values would be dope.

Suggestion 1: Set a default font size for all chat channels

Font size for all chat windows is the same.
Have a checkbox in the settings that when checked will change all chat channels font size. I have my entire client on one screen so the chat channel font needs to be the same in every channel (imagine that!). Setting it every ■■■■■■■ time someone convo’s me is really great and I love it so much!

Suggestion 2: Block messages that contain links

An option somewhere that lets me block messages that contain hypernet links. It’s spam, all of it, let me get rid of it. Being able to set naughty word filters is really important for me, I get triggered so easily at seeing a bad word. But a chat channel filled with crap I will NEVER click on is exactly what I want in my online interactions.

Suggestion 3: Fleet adverts can be public

What’s the point of a fleet advert that I can’t make public? Corp or standing is ■■■■■■■ useless. Open the Agency in game right now and click on fleet up, set to all; any distance, my list doesn’t even fill the page. 26,000 people and there’s 6 fleets in the list. ■■■■■■■ useless. In the adverts section have an option for “public fleet” with the sec status option below that, and if people don’t want to see public fleets, let them filter them in the fleet finder.

Suggestion 4: Ban the trade hub spammer

Why haven’t you banned him yet? Let me do it, I really don’t mind. A new toon roughly every 12 hours just to spam the trade hubs? He’s so predictable I’ve been able to set up a word filter for him, but you’re telling me you can’t figure it out?

Word filters
██████ Do you want to become ISK billionaire? Create YOUR OWN MINING EMPIRE WITH THIS ORCA! ==========►,█████ НypеrNеt offеr: :spades: ORCA :spades: █████,█████ НypеrNеt offеr: :clubs: ORCA :spades: █████,█████ НypеrNеt offer: :spades: ORCA :spades: █████

Suggestion 5: Option to turn off 2 Factor Authentication

It’s my eve account, not my bank account.

Suggestion 6: Remove the double, full screen, blocking, notification when fitting abyssal modules.

Yes, I know you haven’t set the game up to deal with abyssal modules properly. When I drag the wrong one to the fitting window I really don’t want: two, fullscreen, blocking notifications that you ■■■■■■ it up. The normal notification, in the same style as the session change warning when trying to undock is fine.

Suggestion 7: Kill the session change timer.

Just do it already

Suggestion 8: Dock/Undock Black screen

Get rid of this too, blanking out the scene itself is fine, it’s to make the transition more graceful. But when I’m in the middle of doing something in the UI it’s ■■■■■■■ annoying to have to repeat actions.

Suggestion 9: Chat channel MOTD can be undocked to a separate window

Channel MOTD can be undocked to a separate window which flashes if updated.

Suggestion 10: Graphics settings are moved to a separate ini file somewhere

I’d love to be able to define a borderless window size and position on my monitor without having to take up space with a windows border.

Suggestion 11: Lock window positions

When the client resizes (because your monitor has gone to sleep) it completely bones up all the UI windows in the game. Just let me lock them, if they’re off screen, I can unlock them again. Or not so they are where I left them when I resize the client again. But for the most part, I don’t actually want them to move, even if windows has decided to resize my game client.

All I can think of right now.

You might want to read the start of the thread for instructions on how to format your suggestions to actually get picked up. The devs aren’t manually reading through all of this - they run a scraper to pull in properly formatted ideas so they can functionally review them.