Little things / Small QoL suggestions


Add a move all too the fleet hanger for cargo cans etc being picked up by thing with fleet hangers.

better obstacle avoidance when warp trajectory aligning

recall drones and warp/dock option.

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Suggestion: Searching for item names in a localized language should work in clients with other languages.
Keywords: Search, localization
Notes: I just searched for “Herzsturm” because I landed on the German package shop page. A search for that word in my English client yielded no results. I had to change the language of the shop or look for a ship to find out that the skin was called Heartsurge in English. Since we can link items in a foreign language and still get the show info window or item data in our client’s language, I think this should also work for the item search.

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Suggestion: Set the minimum width for the neocom to it’s original value.

Keywords: UI

It used to be 32 pixels wide but recently the minimum width has been increased to 40. I accidentally dragged it a little and discovered I now cannot make it smaller. I could have it 40 pixels wide before if I wanted, and I could have it 32 pixels wide before if I wanted, but now it’s just been decided I can’t have it 32 pixels wide?

Suggestion: Add an “Open All Containers” Button to stackable event crates
Keywords: UI, QoL, Events
Note: Avoiding massive clickfests after doing event sites

Salvage Packages and Booster Crates and the likes can REALLY stack up during an event, see attached image from the Winter Nexus for illustration.

An “Open All Containers” button would ease the stress on your preferred mouse-clicking finger enormously.
I know there has to be some randomisation happening during the whole opening process (unless this already happened during creation of the crate), so it would likely take longer the more crates you stacked. I’m more than willing to pay that price. It took me about half an hour to open the above stack, which of course included clicking ALL the nodes inside every single crate. Even getting rid of that feature alone would improve the situation a lot, see image below:

Thank you for your consideration.


Suggestion: Skins should tell me in the Show Info window and Icon if I have them activated already.
Keywords: UI, show info, skins, activation
Notes: There’s no way to figure that out besides loading the ship’s preview and check the list or search/filter the humongous skins list in the Char Sheet. Alternatively, like the “Search in Contracts” for BPC, an option “Search in Activated Skins” would help, too.


Suggestion: Remove the blinking skills triangle or have a turn off tick in the General Settings, who’s silly idea was this!

They fixed it. It wont blink if you cant train. But if you are capable of training it will blink

but why would you want it to blink in the first place!

Suggestion: Fix position of text in the Selected Item box
Keywords: Text, GUI, text size, UI, overview, Selected Item
Notes: When hacking, the selected item in space presents just 2 lines of text in the Selected Item box, above the overview.
Once hacked, a third line of text appears beneath the other two, pushing the icons down by one line. This happens almost exactly at the same time one is clicking the ‘open loot’ button in the Selected Item box, causing a misclick as the icon jumps down a line.
Make larger icons in the Selected Item box, and put enough space for extra text that it does not cause icons to be pushed out of the way when more text appears.

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Suggestion: In the verification code email, put the code higher up the email and / or in the subject line

Keywords: email, verification, admin, account

Notes: At present I have to scroll past an unnecessary image, an EVE logo and unnecessary text in order to get to the piece of information I actually need to progress account access. Put it in the subject line! It’s a genuine QoL fix: it will save very little time for players, but a lot of irritation when verification has to be done.

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Have the option to opt out of 2fa would be nice.

Suggestion: Name Change Certificate
Keywords: Rename, Certificate
Note: In-Game buyable Certificate that allows user to rename their character under certain rules set by CCP. (for instance : lifetime use / SP amount limit / min / max age / …).

More details :

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Suggestion: Open the Fleet Finder tab in the My Advert subtab and not the Find Fleets subtab if I am in my own fleet or a fleet.
Keywords: UI, fleet window, fleet finder
Notes: In the vast majority of the cases, when I am fleet boss or in a fleet, I am not interested in finding other fleets but rather find out info about my own fleet or I try to drag the fleet link into a chat. If I am in a fleet, I cannot join another fleet anyway without leaving my current fleet which then automatically opens the Find Fleets subtab.

Added Bonus: Buttons to open the advert to edit it, open the fleet composition, open broadcast settings button in the History tab. Basically regularly used things moved out of the hamburger.

I think it’s fine, if someone really hates you they can add you as a -10 contact and put the reason in their “notes” tab for your character. Also links to your toon will still work even if the label is the old name since the player id won’t change. Hell, have an employment history entry for name changes, as we now have for toons being sold.

This is 100% continuity for anyone who cares enough who you are.

Hmmm… Maybe name change permitted once per character transfer as a way to sweeten the sale?


Why post this here when you already know it isn’t a small thing to code and that it is heavily debated?

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Because he necroed his own topic and therefore got it locked.

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Heavily debated? Is it?

It is indeed. Just look at the enless thread that was linked.

It should not be in this thread as a simple incontroversial quality of life change as name changes are neither simple nor uncontroversial.

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Please, make all text fields can accept all drag and drop texts. It’s very annoying to use ctrl+c+v instead of drag and drop. Thanks!