Little things / Small QoL suggestions

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Suggestion: Shift Drag and Drop into the Multi Sell window should open the amount input dialog as it does in the Player Trade window.
Keywords: UI, market, selling, multi sell
Notes: I have a large stack of things that I want to sell in multiple stacks. As it stands, I have to split the stack manually first and then add them all to the MS window.

Suggestion: Remove the default Original view for T2 blueprints
Keywords: industry, blueprints, show info, information, ui
Note: It is very misleading for every T2 blueprint to have the original version as the default view in the show info window. Please change it to the copy version, at least for the stuff which has no T2 original blueprints. You can probably also change it based on the time when originals stopped happening in Eve.

Suggestion: Let us set a custom base FOV value for orbit camera.

Keywords: gameplay, navigation, ui

Note: I know you can change your fov by holding down ALT and scrolling up or down, but this is only temporary and is reverted when zooming in our out.

Suggestion: Ability to create contract with selected items inside a container.

Keywords: ui, contracts

Note: Easier items filtering with named containers for making contracts, mostly courier type

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Suggestion: Option to always display ship texts, like bracketsAlwaysShowShipText=1, but fully supported with optional visibility conditions like distance, ship type and standing. Also let us apply our custom text styles to npcs too.

Keywords: interface, ui, overview, brackets, text style

Note: I made a thread about this which got some positive response but not enough traction. Figured it belongs in here.

Suggestion: The new inventory tab in the Fitting window should have the option to display the hangar of the active ship by default. At the moment it defaults to the hangar you last selected.

Keywords: interface, ui, fitting, inventory

Note: I absolutely love the new tab in the fitting window but I keep putting my ammo in the wrong ship hangars :blush:

Suggestion: Make it possible to link missions in chat.

Keywords: interface, ui, text links, help channel

Note: It might be beneficial in Rookie Help channel.

Suggestion: Light theme / custom themes
Keywords: Interface, ui, theme
Note: The current themes are too morbid, dull and dark

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