Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Make button to stack all items
Keywords: UI, Interaction

It would be great if we could get a ‘Stack All’ button like we have ‘Loot All’ from wrecks and such.

Having to right click → Stack All without any other option is quite unnecessary.


Suggestion : Multifit must process fitted module charges before filling cargo.
Keywords : Multifit, Cargo, Charges, Modules
Note : When you ask the game for a multifit, it seems to handle the cargo load before handling charges of modules. It seems to put the amount of charges in the cargo, and then, putting it in the module, instead of doing from hangar → module directly. Doing so, if the cargo is filled in the saved fit, it cannot handle the charges if the weight + cargo content is higher than max cargo capacity, resulting in an error.

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Suggestion: When opening Pointer window, text cursor moves to it.

Keywords: UI

Just to make pointing to something that little bit quicker. As it is now, I’ll hit the keyboard shortcut to open it then have to move back to mouse to place the cursor, then back to keyboard to type. Just put the cursor in there for me.

Suggestion: Shortcut for mobile compression and for the enter key to agree to compress in the next window.
Keywords: UI, Compression, window, shortcut
Note: Useful reducing RSI

Suggestion: Pointer window, “Re-customization” is incorrectly labelled

Keywords: UI

The Label in the pointer window is “Re-customization;” the label in station services is “Character Customization.” When I was looking for it in the pointer window using the word “character” obviously zero results were returned.

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Suggestion: Add splitting stacks to the right click menu in the inventory
Keywords: ui, inventory
Note: Improved discoverability of stack splitting

This can already be done by holding ship the shift key while dragging but adding this to the context menu can ease some workflows and makes this feature easier to discover. The opposite (stacking all) is already in the context menu so only makes sense to split them from there as well.


I like this with additional options of
“pop 255” - 255 of the item pop off the top.
“Split by” units OR volume “120” - my stack turns into neat piles of 120 units or 120m3 respectively.


Suggestion:Ability to set the appearance of bookmarks for each subfolder
Keywords: ui, bookmark

It would be easier for new New Eden travelers to travel if they could use bookmarks that are easily identifiable without having to read them small in a map (or overview) that connects star systems.

I believe that if each subfolder could change the appearance of the bookmarks it contains, it would surely help the user navigate.

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Suggestion: Add an extra digit or two to all npc buy orders.
Keywords: npc buy orders, qol, triglavian survey data
Note: selling a stack of triglavian survey data at the closest station to Jita has to be done in batches of 1111. This becomes a very repetitive task for no reason if you have a bigger stack. Simple fix - add an extra 1 to the buy order quantity.

Suggestion: Fuel Block Manufacturing Change
Keywords: Fuel Blocks, Industrial
Notes: It would be nice to be able to manufacture a store of Fuel Bock Shells that you could then fill with the appropriate Isotopes to complete the fuel blocks.

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Suggestion: Add collapsable-button to Notepad
Keywords: ui, notepad, button
Note: would be helpful to save screenspace while using the Notepad.

The in-game Notepad is super useful for a lot of things. Temporary storage of fittings, lists of items that need shipping from A to B, locations… , or even backups of overviews.
It would be very handy to to be able to safe some screen space by hiding the folder-section like it’s possible in the Inventory-window. It would also look nicer.

Here is a mockup:


Suggestion : Add Factional Warfare members as a whole as Contact.
Keywords : FW, Factional Warfare, Contacts, Standing
Note : A way to add each individuals taking part of a Factional Warfare Faction as a Contact and thus assign the desired Standing with it.
Let’s say one wants to see all Gallente Faction members as “Excellent Standing”, one would just need to right click on “Federal Defense Union” NPC Corporation and add it as Excellent Standing Contact.
Or another mecanic that CCP would implement…
That would be available for non-enlisted characters / corporations of course… :slight_smile:

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Suggestion: Please give us “Collapse all Groups” Button in Corp Assets, just as it works for Personal assets.


Suggestion: Please Make Shortcut Navigation Consistent
Keywords: shortcuts, route, navigation, ui
Note: Make the Next System in Route the Default Selected Item

The “Selected Item” IS NOT consistently populated with the “Next System in Route”. This breaks the following shortcut commands from consistently functioning properly:

  • Align to
  • Approach
  • Dock/Jump/Activate gate
  • Warp to

Sometime the “Next System in Route” is the “Selected Item”. But when crossing into another constellation or region the “Selected Item” is blank. Which prevents the shortcut commands from working without having to go to the “Overview”.

There also appears to be a semi-selected item. Where the “Selected Item” correctly displays the “Next System in Route”, but the shortcut command doesn’t work. To use the shortcut command, I still need to select the item in the “Overview”.

Jump Gates are annoying too, since the “Selected Item” is often the system I just left. Using the shortcut command takes me back through the Jump Gate, not to the “Next System in Route”.

Overall Navigation is Inconsistent

The radial menu for “Next System in Route” sets “Jump Gates” as the destination and can’t dock at the actual destination station. I can’t reliably use the “Selected Item” icon buttons for navigation, since it doesn’t always contain the “Next System in Route”. Which leaves the “Overview” as the only consistent way to navigate and I often have to fall-back to the “Overview” when using other navigation methods.


Suggestion: Option to set the default font size for chat channels

Keywords: UI

Every private convo I open I have to then change the font size so it’s big enough for me to read it. Can I just set the default size somewhere?

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Suggestion: Enable dragging commodity in Planetary interaction
Keywords: UI, Planetary Interaction

If incoming commodity were to be dragged this would simplify routing and save mouse clicks. Normally to route, you need to click on an extractor/facility, click on content/production, click to route, click to destination. Dragging would speed this up greatly.

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Suggestion: When you apply to a new corp and have roles, the game should ask if you want to drop those roles when you submit the application.
Keywords: UI, corp roles, application, drop roles
Notes: If you apply and forget to check if you have roles, you are in for an annoying 24 hour waiting time that you didn’t know about.

Need a T2 Epithal with more PI Holding (Double at least) Capacity and More Tanky/Stealthy !!! PLEASE it would be very easy for you guys to make this ship and it would be a great addition to Eve !!!

Not the right thread for that. You’ll need to make a thread of your own in Player Features & Ideas.

I would like the ability to turn off those incessantly annoying red dots/reminders on the daily rewards. Yes the daily rewards serve a purpose and I have them turned off on login. Yes I have inventory badging turned off but the annoying red dot reminders and flash reminders for daily rewards are still there on the neocom I click the crud just get get it off my screen because it bugs me to death. I would like that 5 minutes of my life every day I login back (multiple account player).
I just want the option to turn it all off please.
Thank you.