Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Kitosa) #855

Suggestion: More NPC’s in the space lanes.
Keywords: NPC, Lives, Matter
Note: Anyone Out There??

With the whole of New Eden being a living and thriving universe why is it that you don’t see anyone other than capsuleers/police/faction military traveling about the space lanes? do NPC’s not have friends in other systems? regions for that matter? there needs to be more life to systems. NPC’s going about their busy lives going somewhere and doing something. You cant tell me that none of them can fly a ship, not even a shuttle?? it would add more depth to the universe honestly and make systems seem more lively there used to be small convoy’s traveling between stations, what happened to them? Bring on more life to New Eden <3

(Cletus Graeme) #856

Suggestion: Drop Down Menu Option for FIND IN ORDERS in Wallet Transactions
Keywords: ui, drop down, wallet, transactions, market, orders
Note: To quickly find orders for items you’ve bought/sold

As a trader I’m constantly checking what I’ve bought/sold against my outstanding orders.
I currently have to manually search for the relevant order by scrolling through them in either the Wallet or Market Orders window.

Can you please add a “Find In Orders” Drop Down Menu Option to the Wallet Transactions tab so I can locate the related order immediately and easily by right clicking on an entry?

A similar option could also be added to the Regional Market window in the Details -> Market Data tab.


(Mercer Nen) #857

Suggestion: ‘Stack all’ (and ‘Select all’?) button in cargo/inventory windows
Keywords: Inventory, cargo
Note: Quick way to clean up cargo hold

When looting wrecks or moving things around it is frustrating to repeatedly have to use a right click menu to clean up cargo hold or inventory window :frowning:

(Ingeneer) #858

Suggestion: Ability to transfer to Customs office with one click
Keywords: ui, pi
Note: Useful to speed up things a little
When you have multiple launchpad on planet with some stuff the way to export now looks like this. Get first launchpad - drag&drop items hit transfer button. Repeat for others. Three launchpad - three transfer hits. Would be nice if it works something like: pick launchpad drag&drop, pick other launchpad drag&drop and so one. At the end hit transfer once to do the work. Get rid of errors like customs office is busy with paperwork and so on.

(Sarmatiko) #859

Suggestion: Initial NPE transmission message box should always show “Next” button regardless of sound settings.
Keywords: NPE, UI, Issue
Note: as you can see from image below, “Next” button on initial NPE message box will only show up if there is no sound in the client (turned off in settings or no sound device\driver problems). But if that window will stuck for some reason, players will get stuck in NPE (and I saw too many examples of that in Rookie Help). Make it so that “Next” button will always show up regardless of sound settings. That should give them the obvious way to proceed.

How it looks now:

(Cletus Graeme) #860

Suggestion: Move SCAN button on Directional Scanner below Range and Angle sliders
Keywords: ui, scanner
Note: Relocate the SCAN button to allow the d-scanner to be resized smaller (in width)

The Directional Scanner is an important intel tool hence often pinned to the screen.
However, while it only displays 3 columns, the window width cannot be decreased beyond a certain point because the SCAN button prevents it. As screen space is a premium when playing EvE it would be helpful if this button was relocated so that this window can be resized narrower.


(Mina Sebiestar) #861

Suggestion: Make tractor/salvager mediums sized turrets
Keywords: Turrets,animation
Note: Common sense

They wont overlap on small hulls would be good looking on medium and you wont need 5x zoom to locate em on large hulls.

(Bo Dauphin) #862

Suggestion: Ability to hide untrained level 0 skills
Keywords: ui, character sheet, skills, extractors
Note: In the previous version of the character sheet, there was the possibility of hiding level 0 skills that weren’t trained. In the current incarnation of the character sheet that is no longer possible. So after extracting all the points from a skill, we are now stuck with that skill at level 0 because we still have the skillbooks injected. I would love to be able to hide those untrained skills again. Many thanks in advance!

(Erik Kalkoken) #863

Suggestion: Increase char limit for corp bulletins to 20.000
Keywords: ui, corporation, bulletin
Note: Larger groups need more space on bulletins for doctrine fittings etc.

The current char limit of 2.000 per corporation / alliance bulletin is not sufficient and should be extended to 20.000. This issue has become more urgent with the recent “fix” to now include the URL of links into this limit. Many corporation and alliance use bulletins to communicate doctrine fitting, which include links to the actual fittings. The de-facto reduction of bulletin space with the last “fix” make it very difficult to fit all needed doctrine fittings into bulletins. Also, creating several bulletins is not really an option since the total number of bulletins is limited too.

(Piotr Leusten) #864

Can you clarify? Right now you can filter skills like this:


Don’t several of those hide untrained skills? For instance, “My skills”?

(Bo Dauphin) #865

Don’t several of those hide untrained skills? For instance, “My skills”?

None of those options hide untrained skills. If you have injected the skillbook, you will always see the skill as untrained, even if you take all the points out of it with a skill extractor.

In the previous version of the character screen, there was the specific option in the menu that you are showing that said “hide untrained level 0 skills”. That option is no longer there nor anywhere else.

(Edek Hawker) #866


There is a slight bug where you cannot organize contracts alphabetically by description.

This is only in the main contracts tab where you can search ect.

If you try to organize contracts alphabetically by description (which is the far most right side column) it organizes by the far most left side column instead.

I finally tried telling my corp mates to just use the my contracts tab instead since the alphabetical organizing of descriptions works there but not everyone is flexible or smart enough to do that. Avoiding chaos through fixing this small thing would be appreciated.

(Syfa) #867

Suggestion: In Journal, add a column that says which corp a mission is for
Keywords: Journal, Missions, UI Text

Being able to clearly track which corporation a mission for is just a simple quality of life thing that helps me keep track of what I’m actually doing. Sometimes when I sell standings I confuse “personal” missions with the ones being requested by buyer (typically when I’m holding for a storyline pop) so anything that makes it a bit easier to track what I’m doing and for who is a bonus to me.

(Ganky McGanksalot) #868

Suggestion: Ability to add notes for standings
Keywords: standings, notes
Note: Helpful to let corpies know why a person/corp has whatever standings

When setting standings towards a contact or corp (both personal contacts or corp contacts) it would be nice if we could add a note as to why their standing is set to whatever (i.e. can flipped me, didn’t offer GF after blowing him up, was having a hangar firesale, etc.). I/we have any number of contacts that I can’t remember why I set their standing to whatever it is and I’d really like to know. Help us @CCP_karkur, you’re our only hope!

(Siyord Arghore) #869

Suggestion: Give the (Probe) Scanner Main window(s) some Love.

Reason : Every time i open the (Probe) Scanner Window i am slightly disappointed the background is so lackluster. It would be great if it would at least give the impression the system is in actual space. Perhaps the background can inherit/borrow some elements from the Map, but even a basic skybox with some stars so that it is a bit more interesting than some dark grey clouds would be a great improvement.

(Rhamuk Dex) #870

I always use my Asset window to set destination to certain stations. It would be great to have a “Favourite places list” in the Route menu in the top left of your screen.

(Hargrave Mandochino) #871

Suggestion: Improve highlight of destination in Overview
Keywords: UI, Overview
The destination stargate or station/structure in the overview is slightly highlighted. At 67 I find it difficult to pick out in a busy list. Can the highlighting be made more distinctive?

(MJ Maverick) #872

Suggestion: Adjust “Auto-tracking camera” to track to centre of screen, not offset
Keywords: ui, world, navigation
Note: If you move your Camera Center under Camera Settings, basically to move your ship from the center of your screen so you can see better (I use Left 20%); then click on a stargate the auto-tracking doesn’t point the middle of your screen at the stargate, instead the stargate is offset (in this case) left 20% so can still be covered up by your ship.

When I’m buying stuff from Jita with Multibuy and need to ship it somewhere else, it would be very useful to know how much space the order takes up so I know if it fits in my 60k m3 hauler.

(Whitehound) #873

Suggestion: Toggle for auto-stacking of items.
Keywords: ui, stack, stacking, items, inventory
Note: It’s been suggested a few times to add a button for stacking of items, and not just to have it as a menu entry. I would however like to take this a step further and suggest to make it a toggle, which allows one to set an inventory to automatically stack all items and to do so repeatedly until the toggle is turned off again. New items moved into an inventory will then get stack without having to click any button or to select a menu entry, and thus reduce quite a few mouse clicks.

(Hong Hu) #874

Suggestion : Sort account names on UI Launcher
Keywords: Launcher
Note: Keeping things organized

True, a problem for folks who have more than one account but still… When the launcher loses a login token or an account is accidentally removed from the list, sort order is affected. If a player labels accounts; name1, name2, name3 etc, having them out of order may cause some inconvenience. Maybe OCD but also a potential QoL issue. Sorting ought to be either manual (if there is a preferred order) or alphabetical (right-click and done).