Little things / Small QoL suggestions

(Tvashnar Crendraven) #86

Suggestion: Make it easy to find destructible/objective objects in overview
Kewords: overview,consistency
Notes: Celestial:Large Collidable Object and Entity:Large Collidable Structure are used somewhat interchangeably in mission and exploration sites. It would be a useful improvement to make one of these only the destructible/objective objects, and the other the indestructible/noise objects so that a pilot could usefully enable one on the overview while hiding the others.

(Roksana Kolesnikova) #87

Suggestion: logout button do logout, add quit button
Keywords: UI, logout
Notes: As i remember few years ago, the logut button was dropped to the character selection, if its possible add a quit button wich quits the game and “fix” the logout.

(Rivr Luzade) #88

Suggestion: Please sort the systems in the Sovereignty tab of the Constellation show info window alphabetically, too.
Keywords: Show info window, sorting, UI
Notes: Please repeat the same little awesomeness that you already performed in the Related Systems tab.

(Darius Starfire) #89

Suggestion: Ability to Flag exempt from regroup

Keywords: fleet, exempt, flag, regroup

Notes: When you right click on the three bars in the upper left corner of

the fleet menu (while in a fleet) you have the following options:

Leave Fleet

Flag exempt from fleet warp



Add the ability to ignore your FCs regroup commands right after the flag exempt from fleet warp. This would greatly benefit those of us pilots who like to fly our own ships and don’t play eve to simply hit F1. Thank you.

(Chance Ravinne) #90

Suggestion: Add a hotkey to Deselect current Selected Item
Keywords: ui, camera, overview, hotkey
Note: Useful for locking a new target without accidentally locking currently selected item. Could be useful for streaming opsec.

Currently in EVE Online, you can select (and I mean select, not target) any item in space by left clicking it in space or in your overview. It becomes “selected” and is highlighted in your Selected Item window.

However, there is NO WAY TO DESELECT THIS ITEM. If you want your Selected Item to be blank, there is no hotkey or input to do so.

Normally this is not an issue, but in some cases it is. For instance, imagine that you jump through a wormhole or gate, and have the wormhole or gate selected because you Approached it. Now you hear an activation, and want to get ready to lock whatever decloaks. You activate weapons, and hold CONTROL to get ready to target something, and instead you target the Gate because it was the Selected Item. The real target decloaks and gets away.

Please add a hotkey or method to deselect the currently selected item.

(Sylvia Kildare) #91

Suggestion: Drone assign/assist shortcut
Keywords: drones, fleet, shortcuts
Note: would work great with the new single-key-press launch favorite drone group shortcut we now have!

It would be great if not only could we launch our drones with a single key (great feature, loving it!), but we could then assign our drones with a single key as well–either to the same person as last time (so it would have to be done the old-fashioned way the first time per fleet or per system or whatever) or else to a person the Fleet Boss has designated as the drone bunny in some new fleet option for the FC only.

(Thai Mhalbarei) #92

Suggestion: Drone assist shortcut
Keywords: drone,shortcut,assist
Note: Everybody love shortcuts

CSM, have you got summer projects?
(Patrick Yaa) #93

Suggestion: Remove Drones from Drone bay when clicking “Strip fitting” in rt-click menu
Keywords: Drones, Fitting, UI
Note: Useful when refitting ships for different purposes

I’m really missing this feature in incursions, where I’m managing Drones over a variety of ships. Some Drones get kinda expensive [augmented, Geckos…] so i only want to have one set of them.
I could imagine this as being useful for a variety of applications, when managing fits between different ships. Also helps with Asset managment I’d guess.

(noone kun) #94

Suggestion: Ability to shoot and kill planetary structures with tactical ammo
Keywords: gameplay, pi
Note: there is no way to remove somebody else’s planetary structures from the planet. desigion is to use tactical or regular long range ammo for this., coupled with damage caps and wardeck mechanics (like it was done for upwell structures). landing ships on a planet and using planetary guns to shoot back will be fine too.

(Tvashnar Crendraven) #95

Suggestion: Add more light to the 3D skin preview panel.
Note: The in-game preview panel does not have enough lighting to see what a skin looks like, and the store version has more light, but it’s 2-d (or just doesn’t have any ability to rotate the model).

(Giddy McFee) #96

Suggestion: Allow us to delete/destroy LP or introduce an almost worthless item for 1 LP so we can get rid of excess LP we don’t want.

Keywords: Loyalty Points, LP

Note: Over the years I’ve build up quite a list of tiny amounts of LP with various NPC corps and there is a part of me that wants to eliminate all those tiny amounts, I personally don’t care if I just delete/remove them but it would certainly tidy up my LP list if there was a method to use/delete them as the points accrued by doing missions never seem to add up to an amount that is exactly the worth of something in the LP store

(Javfar Lafisques) #97

Suggestion: “Look outside structure” for NPC station
Keywords: UI, Structure
Note: We already have this for player own structures. So I think it is logical (and easy?) to have it on NPC station too. This “should” eliminate the issue of prolonged black screen (on less powerful computer) during first undock from NPC station after login, as it will pre-load the static data of outside space.

(Javfar Lafisques) #98

Suggestion: Move salvage drone right click menu option “salvage” to the top
Keywords: UI, drone control
Note: Currently combat drone “Engage” is at the top of the right click menu. But salvage drone(which don’t have “Engage”) “Salvage” option is way down in that menu, though using salvage drone for over a month, I still find it strange and inconvenient.

(Javfar Lafisques) #99

Suggestion: Option to dim space background or completely remove(just solid black)
Keyword: UI
Note: There are many occasion that I find the background is too bright and I have to switch my camera angle. But that cause inconvenient during combat.

(Javfar Lafisques) #100

Is that actually a bug or by design? Capital Emergency Hull Energizer is not even an offensive module, just a very powerful hardener with a short lifespan.

(Rivr Luzade) #101

If you set the shaders to high, it actually does this automatically and dynamically. And I find this automatic, ever changing dimming quite unnerving. A manual toggle for this feature, or even better a proper UI element darkening instead of blanket dimming of light would be so much more convenient.

(Javfar Lafisques) #102

My shaders is set to high. The current “Brightness” option affect everything, which is not what I want, as brightness inside station not an issue. But following:

A bright “sky” in space? Seriously??

(Rivr Luzade) #103

Inside a big nebula, it might be like this. The light of thousands of stars is, after all, reflected all over the place back to your point of view. But you have a very good point: In particular in Caldari and Domain-Amarr space many elements of the UI become completely unintelligible if you look at the “wrong” parts of space. On high shaders, in Domain your entire screen turns bleak but you still have a hard time actually being able to decipher what’s on the screen.

Instead of this blanket removal, text should just turn gray (there are already gray text bits available) when the UI part is in front of a very bright background, and icons/buttons should get a darker aura around them so that you can actually see their activity indicator. Chats already turn darker if, for some incomprehensible reason, you have turned on transparency. The systems are already there, CCP just needs to use them to make the UI better intelligible.

(Javfar Lafisques) #104

Well, I prefer an option that I can dim the “sky”, because it will be more comfortable to the eye, imagine you have to fight in and stare at that sky for 20min. That is just painful.

(KarmicOzzie) #105

When sorting objects by distance in the Scanners, items that are infinitely far away (shown as --) appear in the list before items next to me. The sort order for scanners should appropriately sort items when sorting by distance. A distance of ∞ is farther away than a distance of 38km, or at least it should be.